Team Fortress 2 Beta Update

Save and Quit - In case you didn’t know, owning a copy of Team Fortress 2 for the PC gives you access to the Team Fortress 2 Beta, which is exactly like regular TF2 except that players have access to all of the unlockable weapons as well as new, experimental weapons that haven’t made it into the final game yet.

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Pandamobile2788d ago

Wow. How am I just discovering this Replay feature now.

DarkBlood2787d ago

hmm when i get a gaming pc im going to think about getting this game since it seems to be getting a shitton of stuff throughout the years

Pandamobile2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Always changing all the time.

Though I do miss how simple and clean it was back in 2007, I can't deny that the sheer volume of free content has kept me coming back day after day for the last three and a half years.

I wouldn't mind a sort of "vanilla" mode that servers owners can enable that sort of goes back to the basics (i.e, pre Mann-conomy update, hat and cosmetic item frenzy, getting rid of all of the non-class update weapons and items)

Danielmccue2787d ago

I can actually run this on my laptop that has a 64mb internal video card.

just turn off multi thread processing and your good to go.

HSx92787d ago

Oh this is great! I didn't know that Team Fortress 2 beta was a testing games, I thought Steam accidentaly gave it to me :P

CrimsonEngage2787d ago

Beta? Didn't this game come out a long time ago? wtf. lol

PandaJenkins2787d ago

Read the article dude. TF2 has a beta version on PC to test new additions to the game before they added. TF2 has some of the best, if not THE best free additions of any game.

Also need to add, replay function? YYYEEESSSSS

il-mouzer2787d ago

I haven't played the game in a very long time (since they started adding hats) I might give it another go, still one of my top favourite FPS.