The essential guide to Halo 3 multiplayer

Whether you are new to Halo multiplayer matches, or a complete veteran, NextGEN Gamers looks at ways you can increase your online skill and even begin to outsmart your opponents.

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AllanWakker4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

Halo 3?

Are you joking?

No dedicated servers?

Can only handle 16 players at a time?

50 bucks every year just to be allowed to play online?

Crappy last gen graphics - the 360 can't even handle last gen looking Halo 3 at 720p, instead it has to run at 640p?

Unstable frame rate even with last gen looking graphics and low rez?

Resistance - 40 players, dedicated servers, no lag ever,next gen 720p graphics, free to play for everyone
Warhawk - 32 players, dedicated servers, no lag ever,next gen 720p graphics,free to play for everyone

Unreal Tournament, SOCOM, Killzone 2, Haze, Metal Gear Online - all have 720p next gen graphics, dedicated servers, free to play for everyone, high player counts

Halo 3 is the absolute worst online console game so far this gen. 10 million dollars in hype, paid for review scores isn't going to make this game worth wasting 50 bucks a year just for the privelege to play it.

Too many really good games out there right now to waste precious gaming time on overhyped garbage like Halo.

NRG4078d ago

Tell that to all the people buying it.

AllanWakker4078d ago

"Tell that to all the people buying it."

Don't blame them, there isn't anything else to buy on the 360.

Can't play Resistance.
Can't play Warhawk.
Can't play Killzone 2.
Can't play Haze.
Can't play Unreal Tournament.
Can't play SOCOM.
Can't play Metal Gear Online.

Halo 3 is what happens when you combine:

* Crappy and underpowered hardware - No HD graphics at 640p, jaggies everwhere, last gen looking engine

* Crappy online - No dedicated servers, can't handle more than 16 players at a time, 50 bucks a year

* Crappy developer - Bungie is real good at making crap shiny and suck at everything else.

You can imagine the crappy devs sitting around at Bungie the last three years saying to each other "Why should we even try? Microsoft is going to blow millions hyping our game and buying 9-10/10 review scores? Xbox owners will buy Halo games no matter how bad they are"

nobizlikesnowbiz4078d ago

Oh look someone made a new account.

Your lies don't hide your insecurities.

AllanWakker4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

"Your lies don't hide your insecurities."

Now that is pathetic. You are so embarrassed by Halo 3's actual features you are lashing out at anyone describing them as 'lies'

Halo 3:
No dedicated servers - TRUE.
P2P networking setup like last gen - TRUE.
16 player max per game - TRUE.
Only 640p - TRUE.
50 dollars a year to play online - TRUE.

But, golly, it sure is shiny.

LOL! Halo 3's crappy graphics and online have turned Xbots into NBots!

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HarryEtTubMan4078d ago

Hmm Halo 3 multiplayer guide... shoot, melee, shoot, grenade, shoot, melee, shoot, grenade...... WEAK AS HELL

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JosefTor4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

Xbox live isn't limited to 16 players. These games are limiting themselves to 16 players (granted that might be the sweet spot). ex:Perfect Dark Zero can handle 32 players. For FPS's though I don't really want more then 8 versus 8. Once the player count goes even to 8 versus 8, it is hard to get a team to be strategic and to work together. I do know that Microsoft is practically complete with their new multiplayer technology which will make MMO's and other games possible on Live and help eliminate lag altogether. I saw a video of it like 6 months ago where only the players in your view or close to you are sending packets all the time, players in the distance are updated less frequently and are "controlled" by AI until you notice them. This limits the bandwith required and allows for more players in a game at one time. It sounds weird but apparently people who were quizzed on which multiplayer experience is better, they chose the new Microsoft method. Sorry I can't post the link but I forgot what the technology is called. Just wanted to let people know cuz I thought it was interesting.

I found a link... not sure if this is the same thing I saw earlier this year:

"Now imagine that part of your job was to improve Quake III's networking to the point that you could potentially have a game with hundreds of players rather than just sixteen or so.

That's what these guys are doing.

The technology, of course, isn't confined to Quake III. That's just the testing ground. It was an easy choice because the source for Quake III is freely available."

In the end, despite the emphasis on game playing, the subject here is really optimization of P2P networking, and an amazing job was done here.

Raptors4078d ago

For once it'd be nice to talk about a topic rather than it turning into a fanboy argument. Back to the topic at hand, those were some pretty good tips. Granted some ppl knew already but there were some that I never really considered before. Only if they put in a tip for the "new" sword. Gotdamn that thing sucks now lol
As for people who don't like Halo, that's fine. I respect your opinions and I wish you well in the games you do like. I personally didn't like Resistance, however, I'm not gonna shove my opinion down people's throats. Play what you like. Simple.

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