inFAMOUS 2 - "Beast" Boss Fight Gameplay

A new Gameplay Video of inFAMOUS 2 shows the "Beast" Boss Fight.

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LOGICWINS2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )


is this "THE" BEAST!?

No way, I'm watching this.

EDIT: Yeah, I broke. Watching it now. I think I'm the first one to view this outside of the uploader lol. I don't think this is the ACTUAL "Beast" that Cole is trying to prepare for since Sucker Punch revealed this boss weeks ago.

Nitrowolf22519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

pretty sure it isn't. There will be a lot more bosses that are this huge to fight in the game this is just one of them. Plus i don't think Suckerpunch would show it liek that, i don't even they think they would show us it. Just a swamp monster.

idk but i think i would want the beast to be human (with powers) that transforms into something. idk

Blacktric2519d ago

Agreed. I think this video takes place right after Cole destroyed the helicopter with his vortex ability in one of the early gameplay demos since he's checking a wrecked helicopter.

ThanatosDMC2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I thought "the Beast" was human... and probably another future Cole. Rewatch the ending of Infamous 1.

I mean, there was a future hero Cole so there must be a future evil Cole. I seriously want those summon flying robot throwing grenades power.

Nitrowolf22519d ago


Well i thought that to but

Kessler (Cole) went back in time to prepare himself for the beast. His time was already being terrorized so he went back to prevent that from happening. It is possible to be an evil Cole, but i doubt it.

Shane Kim2519d ago

I wonder why people think of the beast as some big monster. You never really see this so called beast. It's just something inside of Cole as of the end of Infamous 1.

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Giant_Chibi2519d ago

I doubt it. In infamous 2, there are "demons" wreaking havoc throughout the city. This just may be one of the other various boss fights throughout the game.

The beast is human in appearance. Here's the ending to infamous 1 (Don't watch if you haven't seen it yet). Skip to 0:40 to see his silhouette.

hazeblaze2519d ago

Nope, this isn't THE Beast... He was shown at the end of inFamous. Still, awesome to see what the Boss fights will look like. Much more epic than the first even though I enjoyed those as well.

hazeblaze2519d ago


No, the Beast was not a creature 'inside' of Cole at the end of inFamous 1. He was a foe. And inFamous 2 actually starts with Cole getting his ass kicked by the Beast in Empire City before running to New Marais.

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MGRogue20172519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

Only on PlayStation® 3.

HeavenlySnipes2519d ago

You can't play this game on the Xbox.

ZBlacktt2519d ago

Oh wow!!!! Actual video game news!!! Thank you so much for this...... really.

Eamon2519d ago

haha I lol'd at your comment.

lee_ten2519d ago

finally, some gaming news.

infamous looks good.

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