Are Hackers at All Out War with Gamers?

Hackers have been going rampant on the latest console generation but now it is effecting the end consumer, the gamer. Have we seen the worst or is this just the beginning?

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FNAG2792d ago

And the chick in the pic has WHAT to do with this situation? LOL

Buff10442792d ago

Haha...she's the hacker. :)

guitarded772792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

The unnecessary boobage makes me miss when all we got spammed with on n4g was hot cos-play pics... now it's just PSN is broke articles. :(

crimsonfox2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

She could hack my pants anytime 8)
You know what at second glance...i probably wouldn't i don't like fake blonds

Tuxedo_Mask2792d ago

That doesn't look like George Hotz...

xer02792d ago

My thoughts exactly... I think someone took the advice - sex sells and applied it to everything on their blog.

Talk about desperate for traffic.

JLeVRT2792d ago

I like the girl, but anyway. I think with the constant advancements of technology... this is just the beginning.

ionlyneedonebubble2791d ago

You better get some bubbles for that.

Vherostar2791d ago

No because hackers are allowed to play pirate games on 360 so will leave that network alone simple really. Mostly because MS lets them and the 360 drives are easily modded/spoofed. This all happened because Sony finally blocked piracy on PS3 this was never a problem and never happened until that update came out which blocked hackers connecting to PSN and playing the latest games.

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egm_hiphopgamer2792d ago

this whole hacking situation is getting out of control but it's actually a good learning experience for the big time companies shit will be built better

Greek God2792d ago ShowReplies(4)
saoco2792d ago

i agree. but on that same note, if these douche bags werent hacking, we wouldnt have to worry about it.

ohh one more thing. If i ever come across any of you hackers, i WILL turn your FACE into GROUND BEEF 90/10= lean. that's a promise.

AO2(aw/pj) Perez A.

Hashashin2792d ago

I was considering joining anons sit in for the ps3 stores. On closing time I would've bashed their faces in with a hammer. Of course I stopped thinking about it and went back to gaming :P

Vherostar2791d ago

I agree I also think next gen Sony and MS should build off one single network. I am not saying 1 console just 1 network. This way it's safer for gamers AND cross console gaming is definitely a possibility. Not to mention the savings both companys would make.

Rybakov2792d ago

glad its people like ANON and other hackers that make cyberlaws more realistic.....can we start trying them in court as terrorists and just throw them in gitmo to rot

BattleAxe2792d ago

Thats a slippery slope. The broader you make the term "terrorist" apply to certain crimes, gives the government alot of power, and I would say too much power. Then of course you start to feed the "prison industry" where in the USA, large corporations use prison labor where they pay 25 cents per day to prisoners. This creates an incentive to jail people.

VelvetHammer2792d ago

How about this! We stop putting ppl in jail for a little mary jane and start putting hackers in there place!

Rybakov2792d ago

bah my personal opionion is just shoot terrorists on the spot no need for a trial....but i didnt know how far that would be pushing things on here

theonlylolking2792d ago

No, since gamers are not really doing anything but saying stop.

Scyrus2792d ago

war against gamers......not really, more like war against the companies and the users/gamers are the innocent bystanders.

we have no way of fighting and it pretty much sux

KDubyah2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Exactly. It's like with gangs, gang on gang warfare. Bystanders are always there.
And, unfortunately, just like with that, bystanders usually always get the worse of it.

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