PlayStation Network Down: What Will You Do? [Poll]

PlayStation Network has been down for a week now and the cost to Sony could potentially be enormous. And besides the economic impact this fiasco may have, there's also the ongoing problem of repairing the PlayStation image. The company's weak PSN security allowed personal information to be stolen, and many are very unhappy about it.

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donniebaseball2789d ago

I just voted in the poll. Interesting to see how people are leaning. I think PSN cards is the way to go.

FamilyGuy2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Nothin changes for me, I already had my account set not to save my cc info and I don't use the same passwords everywhere so yeah, nothin changes for me.

Elimin82789d ago

I agree. I do the same and feel the same.

norman292789d ago

"PlayStation Network Down: What Will You Do?"

Whoa hard question, errr i duuno, carry on with life as normal?

Elimin82789d ago

@ norman29.. I agree but remember, PSN is part of our life! Not a huge part but one none the less.

joydestroy2789d ago

yup, that's what i voted for - PSN cards from now on
removed my info from xbox live, too.

TheDeadMetalhead2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Well, since PSN has been down I just downloaded a PS1 emulator and started trying the PS1 games I never pla--

...Oh you mean for PSN. I always used pre-paid cards anyway. But since Sony is apparently fixing up their network security, you should (in theory) be safe once the servers come back up. Still wouldn't hurt to remove your credit card info when you're not using it, though.

VelvetHammer2789d ago

I agree the psn cards are prolly the best way to go for future purchases. But say this happens again. They hack our account and they take the money out of our accounts. So it's still losing situation. But then again u dont have to worry about hackers taking all your money in your bank account or credit card.

Prototype2789d ago

It didn't affect me, but I did vote to use PSN cards because it's the method I use anyways; and my password is far different than what I use on my email.

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Hellsvacancy2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Im smokin a reefa and watchin sum old episodes of Spaced, im happy enough

TBM2789d ago

dude your attitude always brings a laugh out of me. like you don't have a care in the world lol.

as for me im not worried ill either use psn cards if i remember to buy them or just still use my debit card. i always check my account daily its like a force of habit.

there's no reason for me to be scared since info is almost always in danger i don't have time to act all paranoid like everyone else. ill go about my daily routine.

christheredhead2789d ago

since psn has been down ive been playing ps3 just as much as i normally do. to be honest though ill probably start buying psn cards if i want something from the store just to be safe from now on.

iamnsuperman2789d ago

In a weird kind of way I have played more. It could be unrelated and down to bored of doing cw but I do not do massive stints of online play and I am getting back into LBP2 after finishing ACB. I am determined to get all the prizes

HeretoSpeakTheTruth2789d ago

you sir are the definition of a gamer we salute you

Cosmit2789d ago

Well I haven't been playing it more than normal, I have been finishing off some campaigns that i would have rather never gotten around to. Sorta of a good thing.

TBM2789d ago

im running through my 2nd playthrough of Dragon Age 2 i'm not letting this stop me from playing my system.

Raven_Nomad2789d ago

Well obviously they are posting here on N4G more then every before! Seriously.

ThatCanadianGuy2789d ago

Haven`t really been affected by PSN downtime that much to be honest.Aside from not playing my DC universe.I have about 108ish games on my shelf, most of which are single player oriented.Most of which i have yet to finish..So, i`ve been keeping my PS3 busy regardless!

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