Sony PlayStation 3 news round-up has done a Playstation 3 news round-up, worth taking a look at for sure.

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PimpHandHappy4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

you can do your own study and check out if PS3 was right about BC on the new 40GB

most comments on this site alone proves most of the PS3ppl are not looking for PS2games to play on the PS3. They are waiting on PS3 games and a price cut. Both are being delivered in spades the next 3 months.

ADD ON: and anyone that is saying it is a mistake has been hating on probaly everything from life to video games. Maybe there life is video games?!?! I dont know. All i do know is alot of ppl are hating everything PS3 and its such a hate that they need to confirm it with finding something to hate. Lack of BC is just the latest

wil4hire4076d ago

Have stable ps2's. I never understood why this was a problem for people trying to get in on the cheap version of the ps3. A die hard ps2 consumer isn't going to go for the skimpy ps3 in the first place.

Its going to be amazing to see all of the psp/ps2 people buying $400.00 ps3s next month.

Kleptic4076d ago

I thought I would use the BC a lot more than I actually do...with the look and feel of newer games, it is really hard to go back for any length of time...

I will play multiplayer Twisted metal games with friends from time to time...but the BC was only a real big deal to me at launch when there was...Resistance...and...nothi ng else...times have changed considerably since then...

I don't think it will affect much...and I completely agree with how the media and their d'bag blogger counterparts will come up with anything to whine about when it comes to Sony and the PS3...that will potentially continue forever, so lets just get over it and move the end it doesn't matter at all...

surferace224076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I was one of those who went with the xbox1 instead of the ps2 last gen and I missed out on alot of really great games not that the xbox didn't have its share but my xbox would always freeze up when I played certian games and then I got the xbox1 RROD and that was it for microsofts big black box so this gen when I found out about the 360's bc was crap that I couldn't play all my xbox1 games on it for instance mgs2,apex,espn nfl2k5,mk shaolin monks,capcom vs snk,and others, and not to mention the problems with the 360 hardware bricking up like the first I went with the ps3 to mainly play ps2 games at first. Within the first two months I went and bought ff12,gt4,gow,gow2,shadow of the colossus,kh,kh2,and ico, and I still have yet to finish half of them since ps3 games are getting better and better each month, plus I still play some of my ps1 games like syphon filter, mgs, star ocean, ace combat, legend of dragoon, parasite eve, resident evil, just for reminiscence. So yea I think that for people that missed out last gen ps2 games get a 60g ps3 I use mine everday and I never get bored to many games to catch up on.

Opax04076d ago

it's just a matter of time before the ps3 is leading the charts..