PSN suffers Black Wednesday - but technology's terrorists won't stop at Sony

The immediate and vicious communal ire, unsurprisingly and to a large degree deservedly, has been directed at Sony. These are, after all, the personal and financial details with which over 70 million consumers - roughly the population of the entire UK - confidently entrusted the platform holder.

It seemed a simple deal: we'll give you oodles of cash for brilliant content, you take our money with a grin. Oh, and don't be frivolous with our entire online identity. Cool?

Overnight, that unspoken contract (or, indeed, that contracted contract, depending on the inevitable litigious tussle) has been eroded with a single, crushing phrase: "An unauthorized person has obtained the following information." I still feel slightly winded after reading it.

Sony may tell us that it's received no reports of credit card fraud from PSN users, but that will be shallow comfort to an uneasy, woozy consumer base. Under its guard, the safety apparatus has been ripped off our personal wealth - in some cases, the very funds that will bedrock our future livelihood. Some degree of inflated panic is entirely condonable.

But to lay the blame solely at Sony's feet is to do injustice to the guile, deviousness and frightening perspicacity with which the PlayStation Network has been invaded. And, moreover, to the rabid motivation that has driven it.

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metsgaming2792d ago

Very good read this article is pretty good summary of what happened. Now its Sony's turn to strike back, hopefully they do.

lee_ten2792d ago

time for daddy to bring out the big guns. :)

but seriously, these hackers need to be thrown in jail. they're the ones that did this in the first place.

Hellsvacancy2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Jail? jail was awesome for me (only went for 2 weeks for unpaid police fines), i had a TV, kettle, i was fed ever day, i even smoked weed in jail, i enjoyed my experiance in the slammer

Thats too good of a life for those hacker mofos

Edit: Im full of what? Woodhill Milton Keynes UK July 2004

Dsnyder2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Yeah you are completly full of shit. Either that or you were in Australian jail or something like that...

EDIT:Bit jails are pretty easy going too. You guys should be more like america and kill your prisoners...

DarkSpawnClone2792d ago

" time for daddy to bring out the big guns. :) "

lmao i could only be reminded of this when you said that :P

Honest_gamer2792d ago

not really my dad was in Edinburgh prison for 7 years, had a ps2 (before ps3 came out), xbox 360 hell he even gave me a gameboy advance SP for my birthday when they 1st came out, he worked at the main reception, was on tv aswell in a prison tv show about Scotland’s prison, he got to go about the city shopping also

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xAlmostPro2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Another site talking as if our details WERE accessed lol..

However there's a few valid points in there people need to stop ignoring the words such as MAY, because it's starting to get out of hand.

The writer is totally right though, this has fallen more as badluck to sony, just because this has happend to sony doesn't mean everything else is better. It could have easily been another service.

Also don't forget that you're at risk anytime you use your credit/debit card with a transaction system. Your at risk putting your details on facebook.

Everybody does the same thing they done with PSn with other services so don't point the finger at sony just because that's the one that recieved the attacks.

Nobody can see the future, not even huge companies like sony.

IO mean hell the governments networks have been breached multiple times, that proves nothings safe hack wise if they can't prevent certain attacks.

Prototype2792d ago

Finally something that just doesn't slam Sony entirely; and like I said in another post its only a matter of time before another service gets hit just as hard or even harder just to prove a point.

2792d ago
AllyOmega2792d ago

It seems like we might be heading into the era of terrorist hackers... Just as the world begins to settle into its online shopping and online gaming and online... well, everything, the best way to steal information is, of course, from the internet. Personally, I think that XBL is going to be the next victim. We'll see how this turns out.

Colmshan19902792d ago

I think the iTunes and the AppStore is the biggest possible target.
Between iPod, iPhone, iPad, just how many users do Apple have?

thebudgetgamer2792d ago

i would have to imagine at least nine or ten.

ilikestuff2792d ago

maybe, but the xbox folk are probably keeping a close eye on this and taking the steps to avoid this crap themselves. these hackers need face raped

Colmshan19902792d ago

This article is the single best piece of coverage I've seen on this.
Scratch that, it's the best gaming article I've read all year, and sums it up perfectly, in a balanced way.
A fantastic read, and I encourage anyone who hasn't clicked read full story to do so.

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