Battlefield 3 versus Crysis 2: 1080P HD Screenshot Comparison "Battlefield 3 is promising to be a very strong contender for the best first person shooter of 2011. With an updated Frostbite engine, players can expect some real mayhem when it hits this holiday season. Battlefield 3 also looks way better than its predecessors but how does it compare with Crysis 2? Check out our gallery below."

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cyborg2790d ago

will be a better looking game than Crysis 2. it was average at most. BF3 will set new standards as far as shooters are concerned.

Pandamobile2790d ago

Crysis 2 is "average at most"? Lolwut? How can you call the best looking game out there right now "average"?

leogets2790d ago

actually crysis 1 was the best lookin game out there untill uncharted2 and killzone 2 arrived. crysis2 is good yeah for a multi platform ill give it that but ps3s esclusives have the definate edge. but dices new engine seems to blow all out the water as its using new pc tech.

Pandamobile2790d ago

Crysis 1 still looks better than KZ2 and Uncharted 2, lol.

Crysis 2 looks better than Crysis 1 in some aspects, and worse in others, but it's at least on par with it's predecessor.

Active Reload2790d ago

Leoget, you buggin' son, lol...

waterboy2790d ago

pandamobile crysis looks better than uncharted 2 and killzone 2 to pc fans pc nerds

active relode are you really trying to act cool pc nerd im black and i think hes not "buggin" i think hes right

Pandamobile2790d ago

Must suck to be wrong all the time, doesn't it waterboy?

Ducky2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Isn't Metro2033 the current champ in visuals? Sure it doesn't have the colour or vast environments as Crysis, but it does nail what it's trying to achieve.
Anyways, shouldn't we wait for BF3's demo at least before making comparisons?

Waterboy, you're a person who believes that the reason Uncharted2 isn't on PC is because the PC can't handle it. (This is from one of your older comments)
Kinda hurts your credibility.

evrfighter2790d ago

metro 2033 and Crysis are heavily debated atm as to which one holds the graphics crown.

I'm in the middle there's no denying metros lighting, textures and atmosphere. but then there's Crysis and its open areas, physics, and textures

as far as the sheltered ps3 fanboy above goes...

lol I feel bad for the people that havn't gamed in hd.

aviator1892790d ago

@ leogets
Have you seen crysis 1 running on a high-end pc??
Do that and try to keep to your statement then.

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Supman2790d ago

to prevent pop-ups, "open link in new tab"
instead of actually clicking "Next" or "prev"

myothercar2790d ago

One gaming bolt staff member disagrees with this.

DAS6922783d ago

What Browser are YOU using???

leogets2790d ago

pandamobile.crysis 1 characters faces look really bad i think lol. b3 defiantely looks better as its realistic settings and regular humans.where as sci fi look makes graphics look kinda video gamey and a lill cartoony.too much unrealstic colour.

Pandamobile2790d ago

I'm not talking about BF3 vs Crysis right now.

HeretoSpeakTheTruth2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

i think they should do a Compression of Battlefield 3 and bad company 2 and shoe the difference within the games both games are made by dice so showing how they want all out with battlefield 3 and my other option was going to be battlefield 2 but it was a while back since that was released

leogets2790d ago

dnt know much about that but i wana see console version comparison against pc battlefield3. that would be interestin.

HeretoSpeakTheTruth2790d ago

i agree 100 percent i am sure dice has a video of the console Versions somewhere in there office to do that compression.

Kingdom Come2790d ago

Whilst Frostbite Engine 2.0 is an incredible piece of technology, Battlefield 3 being a Modern War FPS lacks an original Art Direction.

Fishy Fingers2790d ago

I suppose you could argue that, but its a continuation of a franchise built around realistic combat, try and remember they were doing this before it became the 'norm'.

Kingdom Come2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

DICE have stated they're aiming for "Semi-realism" (I'll try and find the interview). I understand where you're coming from, but I find visuals to be better when offering a different perspective, an original art style. Naturalistic Graphics are briliant, yes, but without something fresh to support them, they become somewhat tedious...

il-mouzer2790d ago

I didn't like Crysis much for this same reason (and that it was an obvious console port), to a certain extent I preferred Killzone 3. Sure the graphics weren't as good and crysis looked immensely beautiful even while the camera is moving but I prefer killzone's art direction

not that I'm a huge fps fan anyhow :P

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