New L.A. Noire screens dazzle

STN Writes:

Rockstar’s released some brand new screens for the detective thriller L.A. Noire. The screens show off the latest character of the stories main narrative called Mickey Cohen.

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NavySeal742403d ago

Yeah same here its looking very good.

cannon88002403d ago

This game has some stunning facial animations! It's expensive technology but it would be awesome if more games would use it.

BeastlyRig2403d ago

They need uncharted body animation tech..

cannon88002402d ago

Some asshole with no life is disagreeing with all of our comments. Prick

George Sears2403d ago

This game looks like a breath of fresh air. Really looking forward to it.

KDubyah2403d ago

Pre-ordered, and basically getting it for free. Awesome.
Can't wait, one my most anticipated games, of the year, fer sure.
And, as said above, looks to be a breath of fresh air. Much needed.

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