How to Protect Your Xbox Live Account from Hackers

From the PlanetXbox360 feature article:

"As you may have noticed, the PlayStation Network has undergone a series of attacks that have forced Sony to take it offline for the past week – and it looks like the outage will be going on for a while longer, as the company tries to figure out what PSN user information was compromised during the attack. Now, for the time being, Xbox Live subscribers aren’t in any danger, though the likelihood of a similar attack hitting the service is right up there. So, to play it safe, we highly suggest following these steps to keep your information safe. It may sound a little unnecessary, but trust us, it’ll save you some headaches in the long run."

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UltimaEnder2786d ago

my PSN account was hacked, they took over my Gmail and tried to go into my bank; stupid Sony!

Rhythmattic2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I'd say "bastard hackers"

The "information HiJack" thought is in the back of my mind, and realistically, that sux..

PS.. Edit..

DaCajun2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

UltimateEnder is just a Xbox Fanboy from If you look at his comment and submission history he just comments and submits planetxbox360 articles only. He's just a planetxbox360 fanbot troll. Probably never had a PSN account.

Protect yourself by using only pre-paid cards. That's all I use on Xbox live and PSN. Glad I don't use a CC for purchases on them.

LaurenKB1232786d ago

Good advice all around...

earbus2786d ago

Keith Hackney ufc yeah.

SuperSaiyan42786d ago

I am sure Microsoft already have precautions in place the ONLY person I remember being hacked I believe was Major Nelson but he got his account sorted within hours or less.
I am sure there are already sick hackers out there that try to hack Microsoft on a daily basis no company is safe but I think Sony were very sloppy in this case.

ChozenWoan2786d ago

The head of Live Security had his account hacked very recently... Head of Live Security.

Sure, Live has been hacked for years but the first time in 6 years that Sony gets hacked and you call them sloppy... o.0

The lack of info up front was bad PR, but they did things that way for security reasons. I'm quite sure that when the dust settles we will find that the whole incident isn't as bad as some sites are making it seem.

2786d ago
just_looken2786d ago

thankyou ChozenWoan finally not a fucking sheep but a wolf so many sheep in todays society forgetting 2009 and below sony is like #4876 to get hacked lol.

earbus2786d ago

Good valid points now whats all your passwords and sighn in details ill give u a pretzel or 15th prestige.

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