PSN devs offer mixed reactions to cost of outage

As consumers scramble to deal with the ramifications (identity theft!) of the PlayStation Network breach and subsequent outage, PSN developers are struggling with anxieties of their own.

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HeretoSpeakTheTruth2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

you guys have to also think that PSN being down is only a bad thing for us gamers also bad for the Delevopers as well like yesterday the PSN was supposed to update with Demos PSN games and many more but because its down no new games or demos where released

also less sales for the PS3 games that have multiplayer like Portal 2 you cant play co-op with being able to sign in the PSN Mortal Kombat cant play Online without PSN and Socom the same thing These isnt about us only its about them to

HeretoSpeakTheTruth2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

i meant you guys have to also think that PSN being down isnt only a bad thing for us gamers also bad for the Delevopers

is what i ment i am sure most of you knew what i ment

Dee_912790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

@gamingdroid below
Um actually there were and still are reports of stolen CC info on hacked Xbox live accounts.

"Banks are being hacked all the time, but I have actually never read an announcement that millions of their "unencrypted" password and credit card details were lost."

You also havent read that the PSN passwords weren't encrypt your just assuming they weren't to fuel your argument

B1663r2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

The real damage is the PSN store. If gamers even think twice about keying in their cc# into their PS3 at the time of purchase, it will massively affect sales on PSN arcade games. It is my bet that the small titles are overwhelmingly impulse buys.

The good news is that these companies will be willing to do XBLA exclusive deals, and the XBLA market is still growing.


XBLA is discussed in article. I submit you are a troll for commenting without out reading the article, and it is time for you to GTFO.

lee_ten2790d ago

...what does this have to do with xbl? if you have nothing constructive to add to the conversation, then LEAVE.

ChozenWoan2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

1. the Head of Security of Live had his account hacked recently, so just how much safer is Live.

2. Live has been getting hacked for years.

3. PSN cards... they work.

4. When banks get hacked on a regular basis, what's so special about PSN.

I've only used PSN cards as I know that banks and online stores are the prime targets for hackers. I knew it was only a matter of time before PSN was hacked... and I'm rather pleased that it took 6 years and reverse engineering a dev kit to do so. Just shows how secure the PSN was from day one.

I'm also confident that Sony's improvements to the PSN during this down time will provide hackers even more years of frustration. I just wish Sony hadn't settled their lawsuit with georgy boy. They could have really cleaned up on collecting hacker info after this attack.

gamingdroid2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

1. Stop spreading BS!

It has been replied to your past post about this that it wasn't hacked through Xbox Live, but a third party domain hosting provider. Nothing to do with MS security (not that it is that great anyhow).

2. Yes, and did anyone loose their "unencrypted" password and credit card details?

3. I betcha lot of people wish they went with that route right now. I did and never gave away my credit card information to PSN or Xbox Live.

4. Banks are being hacked all the time, but I have actually never read an announcement that millions of their "unencrypted" password and credit card details were lost.

I don't doubt that after this, Sony will put in enormous resources to make PSN one of the most secure networks, but the damage is already done from negligence.

"Just shows how secure the PSN was from day one."

Really? PSN was never secure if they can't grasp basic standard practices to protect users information. I think it is more akin to Sony not being as much of a target.

Think how people used to rave how secure Firefox is or Mac OSX. Once they got popular, it was no better than Internet Explorer or Windows!

sandip7872790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

good points, but you could do with a few full stops or commas!

lee_ten2790d ago

and yet you have people running around and celebrating, spreading misinformation and who knows what else. this could have happened to any console or any company. this is a bad thing for not only gamers but for people who work for sony and developers that work each day to put food on the table for their families.

sony needs to go after these hackers and prosecute them indefinitely. this is a federal crime.

xAlmostPro2790d ago

Sony have already stated that once it's back up any games that were due to release content diuring the down time or a week before will recieve extended promotion

Rybakov2790d ago

well maybe devs should stop making online so important and focus on single player experiences then they wouldnt have to worry about online things

and portal 2 you can play split screen so you can do coop

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badboy8882790d ago

This one week feels like a lifetime.

showtimefolks2790d ago

and hopefully it will be back soon and more secure

SlyFoxC2790d ago

i know when i get back on PSN i will be playing for a good week straight...screw college lol!

HeretoSpeakTheTruth2790d ago

screw the outside world more like it lol

SlyFoxC2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

lol what is this outside world

oli2790d ago

wait, is there a date in which sony hopes to bring PSN back up with no more problems? or could this take more days/weeks/wutever?

Szarky2790d ago

Gotta' love the morons on this site who disagree with a simple question. Love it.

SlyFoxC2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

totally agree with you!!!!!!!!

dislikes on N4G are like don't remember/know how you got them...but they are there!

Dee_912790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Most of the time its just trolls with duplicate accounts
You can see it obviously in some articles that get little replies

like 3 people make a comment and then troll make a comment
and the 3 people have the same amount of disagrees while the troll have none but 1 less agree than disagrees the 3 people got
So its best to not even acknowledge the disagrees here

Like now stroll up and look at how all comments in a certain time frame all have disagrees
Everything 46mins from now and up have atleast 1 disagree

oli2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

foreal, i thought my question was dumb and it could be, but i actually meant it. online gaming really isnt my thing, so PSN downtime isnt a big deal for me
@cgoodno, thnx for the update... daaang your bubs are like Links health bar (O_O)

Christopher2790d ago

All we know is that they said they plan to have it up by within a week. This doesn't mean it couldn't be extended further. And, now, with all the news on it, it could be delayed with more red tape maneuvering.