Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS vs N64 Video comparison presents a side by side video comparison of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 64.

What has changed?

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portablegaming2787d ago

I it only me or does the 3DS look more cheerful?

Miroque2787d ago

Yes, the colors seem brighter.

LolololRumz2787d ago

I actually kind of prefer the darker feel to the N64 version (Probably because I loved the dark feel to Twilight Princess) but the 3DS version is looking really nice!

AlanarWindblade2787d ago

Eveything is better than the happy, happy joy style Nintendo is following with the new Wii Zelda...

johnthe5th2787d ago

That's what I thought too, but you have to realize that the brighter colors are necessary for the 3D to work. Imagine trying to see the old Forest Temple in 3D...

Daverball2787d ago

I kinda feel like they went towards the style of Skyward Sword with the colors.

Nibbler2787d ago

The should have gone more in the direction of A Link to the Past...

PygmelionHunter2787d ago

Unless you mean 16-bit graphics, Skyward Sword already looks like a 3D version of A Link To The Past, except for Link's hair, lol.

As for OoT 3D, Im digging the new look, it's way more faithful to the original artwork of the game, the only thing i wish is that you were able to tone down the colors just a little bit to make it look more like the original game.

HeretoSpeakTheTruth2787d ago

after Ocarina of Time 3DS comes out the next game we cant wait for is Skyward Sword

Kamikaze1352787d ago

I honestly think this is the next game I'm buying besides iOS games. I'm bored with my consoles :(

Close_Second2787d ago

Definite visual improvements but I would expect that given the game was released in 98.

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The story is too old to be commented.