Race for the Finish: Preorder ProStreet and receive unlock code

It was recently announced that those who pre-order a copy of Need For Speed: ProStreet will receive an unlock code. This unlock code allows you to go to the Need For Speed website,, and customize your very own Subaru Impreza WRX STi with the Blueprint Demo.

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Grasty3954d ago

After attempting to find this on the need for speed website, i did not find anything about a Blueprint Demo. However, the information is from an EA mailing and says that the blueprint demo would be available on October 16th ... So hopefully this feature is appearing soon

HeartlesskizZ3954d ago

today is the 17 so it should have already appear

d3l33t3954d ago

this game looks good!

JIN KAZAMA3954d ago

makes me wanna just go run out and pre-order it!!!!

/ends sarcasm.

Grasty3954d ago

I know that today is the 17th. Which is why I was checking to see how the system worked. I dont know why the Demo isnt online. All I know is that the Demo is SUPPOSED to be there. Maybe it got delayed :)