Tomb Raider cover for PlayStation Magazine revealed "The June issue of Official PlayStation 3 magazine's carrying a cover story on Square Enix's upcoming Tomb Raider title. We've the cover of the magazine featuring a ravaged looking Lara Croft for you above."

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MatthewMk22403d ago

Its sick how the entire appeal of this game for many is seeing Lara beat up and bleeding.

[email protected]2403d ago

masochistic/masochism? sadism?

I don't know but if the love the fact that Lara is getting this bad, I can see them hearing Rihanna song all long.

tigertron2403d ago

I think its to show that Lara isn't Wonderwoman, shes human.

MatthewMk22402d ago

Yeah I know that and thats fine, but reading many of the previews it's almost like the writer is getting turned on seeing Lara beaten up and killed in gory ways. It's all they talk about.

antauwnehart2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

So in other words you like seeing women weak and
defenseless typical stereotyping dude well you enjoy your nathan drake with breast i'm done with the tomb raider franchise!

tigertron2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Was that a joke post? I don't know, but if it isn't then no, I don't like seeing weak women. Just because she has cuts and bruises does not mean shes weak.

Enjoy my Nathan Drake with breast? that doesn't make sense.

StitchJones2402d ago

Lara is a dead IP. They should have just moved on.

antauwnehart2402d ago

I completely agree + bubbles!