PC Magazine: Sony's Playstation Hack: When did they know?

PC Magazine's Lance Ulanoff, in a probing analysis of the security breach, states:

"What did Sony know and when did they know it? Those are the questions I've been asking ever since Sony revealed yesterday that not only had their popular PlayStation Network been hacked, but loads of personal data may have been accessed by "malicious" forces. This data includes full name, password, email, home address, and even purchase history. Sony initially said that credit card numbers were not part of the mix, but then basically said it couldn't guarantee that.

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earbus2636d ago

Another article wow i want the homeless gamers perspective next ,or perhaps a flock of migrational birds take on the outage.

godslayer4292636d ago


peter said it best

"who the hell cares"

Christopher2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

One would assume the moment they took down PSN as far as the vulnerability. As for other items, it would have been determined from the 21st to the 26th.

If this isn't good enough for people, then tracking it down to a specific day won't be any better.

The issue here isn't about when they found out, it's that it happened. Everything from that is from anger, fear, and a lack of trust in how Sony will handle the situation.

B1663r2636d ago

Wow, and it bears repeating for the umpteenth time...

Sony stores passwords plain text???

callahan092636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Did they REALLY? If so, that's just unforgivably stupid. I developed my first password-protected web application last year at the age of 25 as a lone developer with no prior experience or training in password-protected systems and even I knew to encrypt the password prior to transmission and to only store encrypted passwords, never plain-text. It was just common sense. Hell, I even encrypted the usernames just for an extra layer of security. That a major company with millions of account credentials to keep secure wouldn't store passwords in encrypted form is just unbelievable.

finnhima2636d ago

For the love of god I wish these website would stop trying to cash in on this news!!!

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