PS3 Releases for May 2011

This is a comprehensive list of game releases for PlayStation 3 in May 2011. A big release each week in the month of May.

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gaffyh2609d ago

I'll probably just get LA Noire this month and leave the other games for later.

nycrekid2609d ago

LA Noire and Motorstorm for me. I have to feed my 3d tv.

nycrekid2609d ago

wtf I DON'T have to feed my TV?


Forget it I am not buying anything this month!

guitarded772609d ago

I believe Red Faction and F.3.A.R. and Hunted from the second page have been pushed to June.

cyclonus0072609d ago

Definitely getting L.A. Noire. Great to have a game that I can enjoy without having to worry about online.

Fishy Fingers2609d ago

Lets hope most of them are single player ;)

gaffyh2609d ago

LOL, most of them are too.

Kakihara2609d ago

Oh you beauty, I thought LA Noire wasn't coming out until June.

Kakihara2609d ago

Oh well, apparently I didn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.