Sony hiring engineers for PSN

Gamersmint: Acknowledging the fact that PSN was hacked so easily, with the personal information of millions of users being compromised, Sony Network Entertainment has decided to hire new engineers to strengthen the network’s security. They had posted a job listing for a Pay Service Integration Engineer to work with them

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fluffydelusions2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

This should have been done from the onset. Any service where customers private data is held should have a great deal of security behind it. I will just buy the PStore cards from Gamestop when I want to make a purchase. I just had to cancel my CC and change all my passwords. Don't feel like going through that again.

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NYC_Gamer2643d ago

i fully agree,the best security should have been put in place since day one when dealing with personal info

nycrekid2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

I am for security also but the best of the best security money can buy won't do shit for you if a really good hacker(s) really wanted in. There are always ways in if a hacker is determined. This kind of industry is always and has always been aa cat and mouse game. Hackers find way in, security plugs whole, hackers find another way in, security plugs whole.

It isn't Sony who have had this happened to just that Sony is such a well know brand that this is getting way more coverage.

Not for nothing but I hope now people will learn to appreciate PSN and not take online gaming for granted anymore.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

How do they know the PSN was hacked easily?

What about this guy?

How they know hacking is easy?

blackburn52643d ago

God Lord thank you for a glimmer of sense in a sea of ignorance. How do we know how 'easy' it was? We don't. The hacker waited until they were most vulnerable there to make his move. Do we know how many obstacles he went through to get in? Or how long it took? Or how much he got? No. But suddenly everyone is an expert on Sony's security, except Sony.

Christopher2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Wait, you don't think there were engineers hired in the first place? Really?

nsnsmj2643d ago

While I agree, it's not like they didn't have engineers already. You make it sound as if they didn't have any security at all. They're most likely just hiring more. Not to make excuses, but as I've said elsewhere, nothing is safe no matter the amount of security. If the Pentagon can get hacked, anything can.

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InfectedDK2643d ago

Lol sorry couldn't help myself not to laugh when I saw the headline "Sony hiring engineers for PSN".. Anyway looking so much forward to a full functioning PSN! :)

psb2643d ago

oh well, better late than never, etc.

TrevorPhillips2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

Sony should've hired professional people to work on the software from the start, I mean look what the hackers just caused.

Other than that I hope PSN goes back up I missed playing online :(

JoelR2643d ago

lots of professional network engineers work at Sony. No one was fired, just more help hired on. Sony has at least 6 divisions at the international level that are related to networking developing internet standards, network security, etc.

Communication System Solutions Network Company (CSSN)
Sony Corporation's Home Network Company (HNC)
Personal IT Network Company (PNC)
Core Technology and Network Company (CNC)
Sony Computer Entertainment In SCEI
Sony Network Entertainment In SNE(a)

Dlacy13g2643d ago

Apparently 6 divisions is not enough, would you not agree?

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