Portal 2 will be $25 off at Kmart next week

XMNR: If you haven't had the chance to pick up Portal 2, then you may want to hold off until next week as Kmart is slashing the price of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game to sweet price. Unlike the cake, this sale is not a lie.

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ddurand12791d ago

this is certainly tempting.

nycrekid2790d ago

definitely picking this up now.

Blaze9292790d ago

just goes to show how much the retailers influence the prices of these games and not the actual publishers themselves.

Seems like they have a lot of margins to cut in these games.

ddurand12790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

my only thing is that I wont play this co-op with any friends. So why buy it when Valve gave portal 1 away for free last year?

eventually theyll do it with portal 2. maybe not though, this was a full retail release vs the orange box. Im not sure. brinkg is coming out soon also

Headquarters112791d ago

freakin awesome. Def getting it.

Wikkid6662791d ago

Portal 1 was a great game... but only as an addon. I would never pay 60 bucks for a Portal game. So $35 is very tempting indeed.

SuperStrokey11232791d ago

Thats awesome, wish it was that price up here in Canada.

DaBadGuy2791d ago

I got it at launch and it was well worth the 60, so at 35 it's a steal.

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