New info from Sony; there is a way to stop any fraud on your credit card

SystemLink: "It's understandable that millions of PSN users are now a seemingly equal mixture of anxious and angry. However, while you may feel helpless, there is a perfectly viable way of protecting yourself from any fraudulent use of your credit card, for those that have not yet taken any action."

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cowkimon2790d ago

And with that, I contacted my credit card company, just in case.

George Sears2790d ago

Took you 6 days to do what you should had done day 1?

cowkimon2790d ago

...I was dead at the time.

Mainman2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I have purchased from PS store with my credit card previously, but I always deleted my credit card info from the PSN after the purchase.
Could hackers still obtain my credit card details?

How do hackers get to the credit card info? Via the private info of each PSN account or the log of when people made a purchase from the PSN or something?

PhilipLarkin2790d ago

Basically, if everyone does their part to remain safe, there should be much less damage then previously thought

rebirthofcaos2790d ago

for some reason, I think there was no info leaked related to CC.

Cloudberry2790d ago

Also, I hope they sorted this out in the end.

The PSN, the rumors, etc.

paintsville2790d ago ShowReplies(2)
Honest_gamer2790d ago

hopefully they can provide new info as to what the new psn will be like feature wise, hopefully share some "back end" details with us so we know that they are encrypting data etc if were lucky with some 256 bit encryption and this time ENCRIPT THE DAM MASTER KEY!

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The story is too old to be commented.