Panasonic preps 4x dual-layer Blu-ray burner

Panasonic has launched its second Blu-ray Disc burner capable of writing a BD-R disc at 4x speeds. This time, the drive can handle dual-layer, 50GB media.

The LF-PB271 is a 3.5in internal unit that connects to its host computer over a SATA link. The unit will write to rewriteable BD-RE discs, be they single- or dual-layer products, but only at standard 2x speed.

Like almost all other blue-laser drives, the Panasonic will also work with red-laser media, including all the DVD and CD recordable and rewriteable formats.

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GIJeff4076d ago

This pretty much takes away the need to backup your data to an external HDD.

bourner4076d ago

burning things to blu ray you could get so many song on lol

bootsielon4076d ago

when is the 16X 200 GB blu-ray burner? I have too much porn on my HDD that needs to be offloaded somewhere ;)

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