SOE: “To the best of our knowledge,” no consumer information “got out”

After the announcement from Sony yesterday regarding the possibility of consumer data theft, SOE has responded to the situation and has apologized for the inconvenience experienced by the firm’s MMO customers after PSN was brought down along with the SOE servers.

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trounbyfire2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

it was some guy that tried to get free stuff and sony shut it down the next day. i highly doubt he was after credit card infomation. yes it was compromised but that is why they are building a new psn

there are over 75 million accounts and i doubt one had his info taken

zeal0us2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

an article a while back(a week ago), a ps3 owner saw $600 have been used without his knowledge.

I get identity theft exist but its kinda odd it happen around the time network went all crazy.

ppl don't just steal info and not use it to some extent.

Hopefully this stuff get solve in a timely matter, getting a little tire of seeing articles relating to psn thats not really helping/not officially from Sony. For example "5 things to do while psn down." or "Nintendo celebrating being no.2 in online activity....since psn is down." That nintendo one was probably the biggest troll material I have seen so far.

I really wish ppl will get off of sony's back, s*** happens nothing/ no one is perfect.

trounbyfire2708d ago

Sony never said that info was stolen they simple said that PSN was hacked from an outside source.

the earliest reports were that some guy or group was trying to get free stuff. maybe we both should wait until real info comes out.

zeal0us2708d ago

well this psn user just found money have been used without his knowing....

Shanks2708d ago

Great news!
Now watch the media ignore it.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2708d ago

Did you read the article? SOE =/= PSN. They are only refering to their network. SOE is a completely different entity altogether and they are saying THEY were not affected. This does NOT mean everyone else is safe.

TheDeadMetalhead2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

The "personal information may have got out" sounded to me like that was the absolute worst case scenario anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if all the personal information was fine.

Paragon2708d ago

Still nothing. And hey, that's my first time seeing their logo.

BlackTar1872708d ago

all the trolls will probably miss this article.

Im waiting ont he article from some troll about how they have proof info was stolen and used.

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