Sony’s Breach, Gaming’s Loss

I don’t think many people seem to understand the current situation with Sony’s breach and I feel it’s necessary to show some enlightenment. For some odd reason, Sony is flooded with negativity on the situation via the internet. Yet, in all prospects, the truth is THIS IS THE HACKERS fault.

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THC CELL2789d ago

trust me im shocked geo hotz is not dead yet u do get crazy gamers out there.

TheGamingArt2789d ago

you and me both are surprised about that

Anarki2789d ago

Agreed with the article too. This is completely getting out of hand now. People need to learn, it's not Sony's fault this shit happened. It could have happened to company.

X-DominusRebellis-X2789d ago

Why the F*** is this labeled in the xbox section? Whoever posted this crap article needs to learn how to categorise. Sony = PS3, NOT XBOX, DS3, WII, GAMECUBE...

N4g_null2789d ago

If only OS makers had this leeway. I said this was going to be a problem a long time ago. This may keep happening for a while until some one makes Sony actualy secure there stuff better.

Up until the events that happened Sony was doing an incredible job making a come back. Sony may just have to wait out this gen and skip one. Hyping their security really did put them on the radar yet this was an inside job I feel. Most real hacking is.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

It's somewhat Sony's fault, the blame totally lies on the criminals that did this, but some fault has to be pointed at Sony.

But as a gamer, I would hate for this to financially hurt Sony, or even force Sony to leave the gaming business. I hope Sony can pick themselves up and come back stronger.

Sony have given me some of the best gaming experiences this gen and last gen, I hope they can continue into next gen as well.

It's really sad that some people are enjoying this, sure you prefer the XBOX or Nintendo, but do you really think competition isn't good for your preferred console.

Competition is what makes Manufacturers strive to be better.

Simco8762789d ago

If Sony leaves the gaming business, my gaming will go down huge.

I will turn into a PC gamer if this happens.


Screw that I'd rather go back to my hoop and stick.

awi59512789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Well if fanboys stop being dicks to each other maybe people would care but since they never will, I say let the flame war begin. Ive grown sick of the console wars, people who attacked 360 for being down 2 days at Christmas gives ps3 a total pass for being down a week. Im so sick of the console wars let the whole market burn to the ground for all i care. It seems these fanboys are all little dicks training to be big dicks and im sick of it.


Hackers fault (actually called Crackers).

NatureOfLogic2789d ago

sony just had to keep provoking hackers, and well congrats sony this is the outcome.

TheGamingArt2789d ago

Someone has to provoke against people who are threat, who think they can do whatever they want against the world. Hackers are the new age mofia in a sense.

cyclonus0072789d ago

Hackers have been trying to get into the PS3 long before OtherOS was removed and long before Geohot got himself sued. Actually, Sony removed OtherOS and sued Geohot and because they knew this would be the outcome of his hacks. Pull up a chair, folks: Homebrew hacking is going to be illegal any day now.

Cobra12789d ago

Actually, they removed OtherOS because GeoHot hacked it to gain access to the hypervisor.

cyclonus0072789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I didn't realize the way I worded it makes it sound weird. Geohot's hacking lead to Sony removing OtherOS which was a rallying cry to the hacker community. So people who were ALREADY trying to hack the ps3 used OtherOS as an excuse for hacking. Geohot retires the hacking scene but the community pushes on. Geohot comes back (probably to combat the opinions of people that hate him for having OtherOS removed in the first place), he publishes the source keys and Sony sues him. I think that covers it.

user8586212789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Its both parties fault

The hackers for breeching and stealing sensitive information and sonys fault for not anticipating an attack like this even after all of their websites were attacked, and then not even a warning that our credit card details and passwords may have been obtained so we could take steps before hand

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