Why Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a Metal Gear Solid killer

OXM UK: "Adam Jenson will be taking your desk, Snake. Let us know if you need another cardboard box."

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I highly doubt Deus Ex will be replacing MGS anytime soon. Although the Deus Ex trailer looked GREAT, the gameplay showcased so far looked pretty boring.

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anti-gamer2636d ago

lol this shit comming from xbox site.

maturefan2636d ago

So DE3 copies MGS a lot, imo fails at it, and that makes it a mgs killer? wow.

the day i care about one cutscene from a game that is not metal gear, and i mean to actually care, to listen carefully, to look at the cinema references, to actually think about what kojima wants to say, that is to care, mgs is the only game that gives me that, for what i have seen in deus ex, it tries really hard to foolow its foot steps, yet it still does not connect with me i the level that mgs does.

the standard set by kojima pro in story telling, is still miles away from any game in the industry, perhaps the onyl studio that is close is rockstar, and still they are far from being as engaging as mgs is.

HeretoSpeakTheTruth2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

its from the official xbox magazine what would they know about medal gear solid.

Elven62636d ago

Shocking I know but some gamers own multiple consoles.

Secondly, there were MGS games on Xbox and Gamecube last generation.

InTheLab2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I think the point he's trying to make is that the author is peddling primarily to the 360 crowd.

A stupid headline is the real issue here. The title should be "I'm unfairly laying hype on an unreleased game by comparing this new thing to that old thing, which happens to be an icon franchise, so when gamers get a chance to play this new thing, they'll possibly be good and setup for disappointment if the game does not deliver, but either way, my site will get hits because flames will always attract moths".

Or, he should have titled it "Deus Ex HR is a Deus Ex and Deus Ex 2 killer".

Or, "Deus Ex HR is a Splinter Cell Convictions killer".

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that was an epic win comment

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