New Mass Effect 3 details

More Mass Effect 3 details have been revealed thanks to a Dutch magazine.

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Paragon2420d ago

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite article on N4G.

2420d ago
Solans Scott2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Would love to see gameplay footage revealed at E3, or a new trailer.

tmoss7262420d ago

Gameplay plz. Since that hasn't been shown yet. I imagine it not being too different then ME2, but who knows.

Peppino72420d ago

Im close to beating me2. Did they give a release date or time period fir me3? 2 is amazing.

SeraphimBlade2420d ago

I think it's November 8th right now. I wouldn't expect it to stay there though.

Paragon2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

It'll be "Holiday 2011" (Q4). Possibly Nov. 8th?

Paragon2420d ago

Who in the world is disagreeing with what everyone has set the release date to be? Someone is trying to fight with logic.

Peppino72420d ago

At below...
I guess they are disagreeing with me2 being amazing? smh

Stewie2k82420d ago

tali has unfinished buisness with me? im gonna kill everyone at bioware if she aint in the squad -_-" (yes im a talimancer like so many on BSN)

SeraphimBlade2420d ago

Tali's got unfinished business with me, alright: Makin' a baby! *fist pump*

Jack was a popular romance option? Really?

I don't see how that space battle part is a spoiler. Please play like Skies of Arcadia!

2420d ago
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