What Does The PlayStation Network Debacle Mean For Sony And Cloud Computing?

What happened to Sony’s PlayStation Network is a staunch reminder of how unpredictable cloud computing can be. In a matter of hours if not days, hackers managed to break through Sony's security defenses to gain access to the network and wreak havoc. Not only did these group of bandits shut down the entire PSN for a week and counting, but now were just finding out that 75 million of Sony’s users personal information could be compromised.

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Muerte24942792d ago

I think that this has cause a major setback. If there was no physical media, those who loose their internet access are out of luck.

Passthemic2792d ago

Exactly. This is a major lesson for Sony and anyone else who wants to use cloud computing.

Cosmit2792d ago

I seriously think cloud computing shouldn't even be considered as a way to replace physical saving anytime soon. And I mean for a long time. Its just not secure enough as a primary method.

Passthemic2792d ago

I agree. Theres no way CC can replace physical storage unless someone innovate in the security field.

cyclonus0072792d ago

The article mentions that Sony should start charging for PSN and that will get people to trust the brand again. I want what he's smoking.

Live is just as vulnerable to attack. Every system is. Just because MS charges for Live, there's no guarantee it's more secure and MS isn't just pocketing that subscription money. Case in point:

Now if people were paying for a service and this still happened, they would demand blood in the streets.

Passthemic2792d ago

You are right, charging for service wont make PSN hack proof, but it will help Sony invest in security. Lets be honest here, maintaining a network of 75 million people is extremely difficult.

cyclonus0072792d ago

There's no amount of money that can absolutely guarantee security over the Internet. Live could be $100 a year and promise you complete protection...but they are not that dumb to promise that.

You'll notice that Microsoft is being very quiet about this whole thing....

Speed-Racer2792d ago

But you wrote the article, so wouldn't you be contradicting your own opinions?

Bluemaster772792d ago

I doubt that there are 75 million Unique people on PSN