GameStooge Editorial: Sony's Criminal Negligence

Excerpt: "When the PlayStation Network went down, Sony initially said nothing, probably assuming that the gaping hole in their security could be easily patched. When it became clear that this security problem wasn’t going to be fixed by the time the Easter weekend was fixed, they fessed up and stated that there was an “external intrusion”. A corporate way of saying, “we’ve been hacked”, but it at least told people that PSN was attacked and that they were going to try to fix the problem.

Except, that was a half-truth as well.

When Sony made that statement, the wide assumption was that it was just another Denial of Service attack, much like the one Anonymous did on PSN back in April 5. That assumption didn’t sit well with knowledgeable gamers, because a DDOS attack wouldn’t take such a long time to combat; the DDOS attack on April 5 lasted less than half a day. Something else was going on."

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jack_burt0n2793d ago

"Microsoft has had to deal with the reputation of having a defective console, even if that is no longer true. Sony now has the reputation of a company whose online security compromises its users’ vital information, which is worse. At least you can repair a defective console."

LOL seriously, ur paycheck is showing...

Max_Dissatisfaction2793d ago

Having my gaming disrupted for 3 weeks and then having said disrupted fix for free vs having my credit and personal info in the hands of thieves...yeah I love gaming as much as the next guy but there is no way you're gonna convince me that the latter scenario is the more desirable one Jack

Oxymoron0282793d ago

This site just wrote a prime example of how not to report on this situation.

Instead of spreading mis-information and bullshitting your way to the front page of N4G, why not actually tell the truth?

Sony can't of possibly known, day one, what actually happened, what it effected and why. Sony also can't lie themselves through this because this is not being handled by Sony.

Everyone should down vote this site as a source so that it get's blacklisted off of N4G.

JonahFalcon2792d ago

@jack burton:

Sorry, but Sony's in deep shit.

Oxymoron0282792d ago

Really? no sources for the claims of fraudulent claim, further more the other articles on other sites don't even make a connection with the PSN outage.

70million+ users and so far I've only seen 2 cases reported. That's not enough to make a connection.

Gamestooge truly is a site that should be black listed then.


Agree with that guy. Can't believe how some people can blame Sony of this.

lee_ten2793d ago

he does. i'm listening right now. one of the few people with common sense.

blackburn52793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

For the love of cake just make it stop!!!!!!! And Max_Dissatisfaction, stop trolling and take a breath for the love of God!!!!! Get a life!!!!!! BTW why drag Microsoft into this. They have had their share of half truths and lies. How long did it take them to admit their console was RRODing? They denied it until became to large a number to hide anymore. Sony might not have not handled this as well as they should have but let's not pretend that Microsoft are saints and aren't well known liars and exaggerators. @ topgeareasy thanks for that. The way he said it shows how ignorant and stupid all these people are. And I agree. If someone hacked Xbox Live to this extent no one would leave it. Microsoft's network shut down and they tossed you some crappy game as payment and you fell for it, the same way you fell for the five or six years that it took for Microsoft to reach the PS3's fail rate.I think they are clueless how gullible they really are.

jke822793d ago

people just want someone to blame, and since the hacker is faceless and sony is not thats just who will get the blame sony...i dont worry about the hack i use psn cards so my cards are safe, i can change my passwords then no big deal. people are blaming sony like they invited this guy in. anon hacked mastercard some ass hat hacked psn shit happens people blame the perpetrator not the victim

JonahFalcon2792d ago

You know, it's possible to love a console (PS3) and despise the company that manufactures it (Sony).