X360A: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview – More Mystery, Less History

X360A writes:

"Adam Jensen has some pretty big shoes to fill, it has to be said. JC Denton blazed a groundbreaking trail in the original Deus Ex back in 2000, introducing the world to cybernetic augmentations in the dark and oppressive future of 2052. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set 25 years prior to the events of Deus Ex though, so JC Denton is merely a twinkle in Mrs. Denton's eye, making Jensen the main man, although he starts the game with no mechanical appendages or augmentations to speak of, unless you consider clothes an augmentation. We don't. Still, Jensen always has his gruff, intimidating whispered way of talking, seemingly acquired at the Clint Eastwood School of Menacing Voices. That's not a real school, but it really should be."

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