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So everyone who has been claiming that Sony owes us for the outage is in luck! You aren’t alone.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has jumped on the bandwagon of the PSN debacle, claiming that Sony should have “immediately notified [customers] about whether and to what extent their personal and financial information has been compromised. Additionally, PlayStation Network users should be provided with financial data security services, including free access to credit reporting services, for two years, the costs of which should be borne by Sony. Affected individuals should also be provided with sufficient insurance to protect them from the possible financial consequences of identity theft.”

The Senator goes on to demand more answers about how and why the breach happened, and what Sony plans to do to protect our information in the future. Certainly a laudable act right? A round of applause for the Senator from Connecticut!

Well, hold your applause for a moment.

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mrv3212642d ago

Oh, so the Government never fails to tell it's citizens about stuff that's going on... lad to know... oh wait double standards.

Max_Dissatisfaction2642d ago

Lol. Watch people turn against their governments to defend SONY. I tell you if Mother Teresa were alive today and she said anything about this situation the fanboys would dig deep until they found something incriminating to blacken her her driver had FOUR unpaid parking tickets! HYPOCRITE! Lol. I've decided to laugh instead of cry about this whole mess

user8586212642d ago


u mad brah??

sikbeta2642d ago

OH! you'll LOAVE when Government inter-FERE with ALL Games and make them something like the Amendment cartoon in that Simpsons episode -___-

shoddy2642d ago

It's time to catch the hackers.

I want a statement from the FBI on the progress to catch these hackers.
It's the government job to catch cyber crime right?

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NatureOfLogic2642d ago

my head is spinning. You sony fanboy just won't admit that sony f'ed up big time and do owe gamers at this point.

TheDeadMetalhead2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

That's like saying if some people rob a bank, then it's entirely the bank's fault for "letting" the robbers do it.

Yes, Sony's security was absolute crap and they should have protected their stuff better. But the people who actually did this in the first place are the ones you should be primarily pissed off at.

nycrekid2642d ago

GTFO troll. Only an idiot who don't game would turn this into Sony f'ed up. Hackers are the scums here and the culprit no one else. Don't try to make this into some BS fanboy war.

sikbeta2642d ago

There is a difference between responsibility and Fault, it's Sony responsibility to take the necessary measures to prevent what happened, but it's not their fault if their system gets hacked.

NatureOfLogic2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

@ TheDeadMetalhead

Ok, lets look at like this, someone robs a bank, but the bank no security cameras and no locks on the safes only one security guard, Yes I would blame the bank for not being more secured.

@ Big

I was only trying to imply that sony should've been more secure, especially when provoking/challenging all hackers.

Biggest2642d ago

And you really think Sony had no security? Or are you making false situations in an attempt to price your weak point? It is as much Sony's fault as it is a consumers fault for ever using a credit card to make a purchase.

shoddy2642d ago

It's the government fault for not be able to catch these cyber criminals.

Hate or love Sony, they didn't break the law.

I want to see if someone sue Sony and win so I'll try to get some money as well

Biggest2642d ago

"I was only trying to imply that sony should've been more secure, especially when provoking/challenging all hackers."

How does one become "more secure" without knowing they are not secure to being with? Sony had every safeguard in place before this happened. The PSN isn't new. It's only after something happens that people can say there was a problem. They had it secure until it wasn't secure. That's how EVERYTHING works in this world. You're completely safe until you aren't safe.

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user8586212642d ago ShowReplies(2)
UnwanteDreamz2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Richard Blumenthal, the Democratic Senatorial candidate from Connecticut, is in trouble this week for lying about having fought in Vietnam. The former Marine reservist admits he "misspoke" on several occasions about his military service and is otherwise unapologetic, but the revelation has thrown open a race that Mr. Blumenthal appeared to have in the bag. Since Connecticut voters are suddenly focused on Mr. Blumenthal's résumé, they might also like to learn more about his record in public life… He was the only AG to get failing grades in each of the four categories: using his office to "promote personal gain or enrich cronies or relatives"; "fabricating the law" by asking courts to "rewrite statutes or stretch constitutional norms"; bringing lawsuits "that usurp regulatory powers granted to the federal government or other state entities"; and "seeking to regulate conduct occurring wholly in other states."

Quick google and the truth is revealed. This guy should be more concerned with his state. They pay him for that not jumping on a national news story for attention. Political grandstanding. Some people here like the senator are used to throwing accusation around. In America you are innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof lies with the accuser. I have no problem with him demanding answers but claiming they are at fault without proof is ignorant.


You know what amazes me? Commentors who think calling names is an arguement. How about replying when you have something intelligent to say sport.

user8586212642d ago

fanboys never seize to amaze

solidjun52642d ago

so you amaze yourself all the time?

mrv3212642d ago

I'm being called a fanboy for critizing someone who is guilty of something Sony is guilty of. While their sucurity WAS insuficient no one critized them before hand right? I heard no complaints of credit card hacks prior to this... why? BECAUSE NO ONE CAN TELL THE FUTURE. Sony is at fault, they didn't handle it perfectly, but what exactly is the problem here? XBL have been hacked, banks hacked, government hacked... your going up against someone with unlimited time and recources. unlike Sony.

UnwanteDreamz2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

The ignorant fail to realise how many institutions this happens to through no fault of their own. I challenge anyone to do the research and tell me a year in the last 10 where this hasn't happened.

I'll do it.

1/10/2000 CD Universe 300000
11/14/2000 Western Union 15700
11/15/2000 Contour Software700
11 /15/2000 Travelocity 51000
12/9/2000 University of Washington Med Ctr.4000 3/5/2001Amazon/Bibliofind.com9 8000
3/20/ 500
3/29/2002United States Government
1/3/2003United States Department of Defense562000
2/28/2003Indiana University School of Medicine7000
3/6/2003Data Processors International5000000
3/6/2003University of Texas at Austin55200
3/31/2003Georgia Tech University57000
5/7/2003Virginia Credit Union800
11/22/2003Wells Fargo
12/18/2003Acxiom Inc.
12/19/2003Bank Rhode Island43000
1/8/2004U.S. Treasury Department10000
1/10/2004New York University1800
1/14/2004Airlines Reporting Corporation
1/29/2004University of Georgia20000
2/3/2004New York University2100
2/13/2004California Employment Dev. Dept.90000
3/17/2004San Diego State University178000
3/19/2004BJ's Wholesale Club
3/29/2004GMAC Financial Services200000
4/16/2004Fleet Credit Card Services
4/29/2004University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)145000
4/29/2004Illinois Secretary of State20000
05/7/2004University of California San Diego38000
05/12/2004Alameda Alliance for Health9500
06/24/2004America Online3000000
08/3/2004Cal State San Marcos2300
09/16/2004Teledata Communications3000
09/23/2004Cal State Hayward2000
11/25/2004Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation550000
12/21/2004Delta Blood Bank100000
12/22/2004Hamilton County Ohio Clerk of Courts

It keep on like that. Educate yourselves. I was taken back by how bad it gets after 06 this I posted in nothing in compairison.


lee_ten2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

the government can burn a company at the stake for something that could have happened anywhere and to any company but they cannot fix a fragile economy and put americans back to work.

this senator should have a look at the mirror first before he starts pointing fingers.

Max_Dissatisfaction2642d ago

Lol. And so it begins, the crusade against all who criticize sony

radphil2642d ago


How about contributing on the whole situation instead of instigating?

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THC CELL2642d ago

omg shut the fuck up sony owes us nothing, do ya fucking job and get the hacker

guitarded772642d ago

While I still plan to enjoy Sony products, I respectfully disagree. We trusted Sony with the security of our personal information and now that information is out there for God only know who to tamper with. Sony OWES us better security. Ultimately I want to hear from Anon on why they say that they're gamers too, and then do something like this.

Pintheshadows2642d ago

That better security will end up breached as well. No security is invulnerable. To say it's Sonys fault is pretty ignorant. If someone broke into your house and the police blamed you I bet you'd be pissed.

guitarded772642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Yes, your simple analogy is really amusing, but if you read the chat logs from Anon's IRC, you'll clearly see that it wasn't very difficult to hack because of simple logical mistakes.

StanSmith2642d ago

"If someone broke into your house and the police blamed you I bet you'd be pissed."

That doesn't make sense in this situation. It's more like, if my home was broken into & things were stolen but my insurance company won't pay up because i left the front door wide open.

You see, the hackers are the criminals here and they should be accused as being at fault, but Sony has to take some blame for not securing our details enough.

UnwanteDreamz2642d ago

All these children know catching the hacker wont get them free stuff. It's Sony's fault that the hackers ILLEGALY obtained their information. Sony should pay us because this hasn't cost them enough and they asked for it. Their criminal BURN THEM!!! They made me give my CC info to them. I had no choice.

nycrekid2642d ago

Um you had a choice to input your information bro. i don't remember being forced to do anything. Also have your info been compromised? If not then WTF are you complaining. If you are so concerned then go and remove your info now.

UnwanteDreamz2641d ago

It was sarcasm guess you really have to put the /s after cause people can't tell anymore

Eromu2642d ago

Just grasping for votes. Sony informed it's users their information may have been compromised within 24 hours of finding out, it's not like they were twiddling their thumbs for a week and trying to cover anything up.

Eromu2642d ago

Yes, they didn't find out information was stolen until sometime Monday and made the blog posting Tuesday afternoon.

darx2642d ago

That's not 24 hours from shutting down PSN. That's 24 hours after the shat hit the fan.

SuperM2642d ago

When they shut down PSN they said there had been a breach. Thats all they knew at the time, on monday they found out of the theft. This is the hackers fault first and foremost

Damiann2642d ago

Maybe he wants to play online on PSN..:)

ZBlacktt2642d ago

"Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has jumped on the bandwagon of the PSN debacle."

Him, bandwagon? Look at all these stories on this site. My God, lets repeat and make things a million times worse then they really are. Look at how many stories slip the words " could have " " maybe" in their stories. How a few months ago it was " The PSN does not have 77 million users on it, that figure is made up from people who have multi accounts on one console. But now today, there are 77 million credit cards on the PSN. Every story on here is looking for attention. Hoping that people are not so insightful.

Honest_gamer2642d ago

that comment is jsut beautiful so true, so true i myself have 19 psn accounts (Get annoyed with the names after a while), my brother has 32 (keeps getting banned on black ops for cheating when he issnt cheating he jsut plays a game every now and then with cheaters), my dad has 3 accounts, my 2nd little brothr has 1 account, my mum has 6 accounts and my best firned (who uses my psn as his broke) has make 8 accounts so far

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