Microsoft Are Not Unbanning Consoles

Earlier today, se7ensins reported microsoft were unbanning banned consoles, but this is not the true.

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anthraxCZ2788d ago

i dont believe somebody actually thought this is real

Sanii2788d ago

I know right. Someone makes something up on a forum and the N4Gullibles fall for it..

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ThaGeNeCySt2788d ago

No it was real. Just a mistake on Microsoft's part. Myself and my cousin were able to log in, but every game requested some kind of update that couldn't be downloaded. MS quickly patched that up and baack to the ban list we went lol

OMGitzThatGuy2788d ago

They're like Whoa Whoa Whoa get back in your cell boy

Capdastaro2788d ago

Nobody has took Se7ensins serious for ages, just a bunch of leechers and rebranders

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DanSolo2788d ago

Well if anyone is banned for cheating then that is all good...

Can't stand cheats... you just have to be one sad little bastard if you need to cheat in games to make yourself feel like a big man!

I can understand (but still don't like) people who cheat at say.... Poker or some other game that you can win money at.... But when it comes to something like online gaming, how anyone can get enjoyment out of basically admitting that they are not good enough to win on their own is just mind-boggling to me!

The trouble is you can't explain that simple fact to cheaters as they are oblivious to the fact that cheating makes them a loser... they seem to have this inbuilt defense mechanism that continually tells them that they are the ones who were "Smart" enough to do it!

Ok I am glad I got that out! lol

Dark_king2788d ago

Well some of the bans are BS like those who used a different hard drive.But Im all for banning cheaters how much fun could you have not being able to die our having to never reload a gun.Just wouldn't be fun for me,I do like some cheats I have seen though.Socoms super jump was a fun,I loved the challenge of taking them down.

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