PlayStation Network Hack Timeline

This is a timeline of major events associated with the attack on Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services.

Dates are given relative to announcements from Sony Computer Entertainment's headquarters in Tokyo. Dates corresponding to announcements from Sony's U.S. unit are provided in parenthesis.

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egidem2491d ago


2011 was going to be an awesome year for Sony...they had it all planned well. Tons of exclusives lined up, new features like Steamworks, until some arrogant dude named GeoHotz decided to pick the innards of the PS3 and put this out to the public. Sony didn't take this lying down so they sue him and the sh*tstorm then began.

Hacks, more hacks, patches, attacks and the sad part is that the good honest consumer was caught in the crossfire. Fastforward to last week and the storm is even worse. All thanks to the guys crunched in front of their computers with lots of free time matched with their boredom; who get a stupid idea like let's hack Sony and the PlayStation Network.

captain-obvious2491d ago

why would a PC website ( be posting a PSN related news ??

Anarki2491d ago

More of a technology company in general. They sell consoles too.

Dannycr2491d ago

What's with the picture of this article? Fanboy much?

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ikkeweer2491d ago

All I want is a timeframe on when PSN will be back online and when the PS-store will be back online. (Wanna get PS+ and with it the KZ3 maps a.s.a.p.).

Ruggadagod2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

people have that much time on their hands?

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