PSN Media Watch: Channel 4 (UK)

Rather than making the usual ignorant comments about gamers that we've come to expect from mainstream media outlets, the UK's Channel 4 have actually taken a rather reasoned approach to their coverage.

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iamnsuperman2494d ago

Channel 4 is good. Very informative channel with fantastic documentaries and dramas/films.
It seems dumbed down but not too dumbed down like the BBC and I dare to think what ITV will do

mrv3212494d ago

Channel 4 used to be very good indeed, I still think the BBC still procudes the greatest number of great programs, but spread over more channels means we get a lot of bad programs.

Top Gear

iamnsuperman2494d ago

Have I got news for you is a great show to

zootang2494d ago

What people don't like you to know is that Channel 4 is just an arm of the BBC.

Anarki2494d ago

They'll all just blame gaming. Even though, this hack attack could have happened to anyone.

The end of the video made me lol though where the guy ran like a panzy

gaffyh2494d ago

This coverage is old, at least 1 or 2 days, because they don't mention the current situation at all.

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DanSolo2494d ago

Sorry to break the news to you mate..... But Channel 4, BBC and ITV are all shite channels that are run by assholes.

BBC are just a bunch of left-wing/liberal elitists who like to promote various nonsense.

Channel 4 are a different version of the same thing.

ITV are..... well I don't know what they are..... seemingly on a crusade to destroy the IQ of the nation with various inane reality TV shows.

On the plus side: BBC do still make some decent documentaries and channel 4 sometimes has some decent movies on it!

SKY has about the best stuff on TV as they just like to buy everything decent up, being that they are assholes as well.... but Rich assholes from overcharging everyone!

I'm pretty selective about what I watch on TV these days as it is too easy to get caught up in slack jawed moronity of staring into the TV screen and just allowing them to pump you full of mind-numbing show after mind-numbing show!

.....sorry about the long post.... some shit just needs saying sometimes!

user13372494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Channel 4 aint half bad tbh. ITV on the other hand.....

Anywho...77 million homes is a fair bit of a stretch lol. I mean...I have 4 accounts (UK, US, Jap, HK). I'm sure plenty of the PSN user base has more than 1 account.

user8586212494d ago

got 3 maself, uk, us and japan

Joe29112494d ago

Got 4 accounts, I'd say its about 20-30 Million Households.

hay2494d ago

It was 22m last year as I recall. 30m tops right now.

iamnsuperman2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I remember ITV doing this

The link is from the BBC have i got news for you but i couldn't find the original. Imagen how itv would do this story

ikkeweer2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Got 3 acounts aswell, 25-50 mil. is still alot though.
Lol at the Sonic ending

MeatAbstract2494d ago

Didn't you just want to eat you own face with embarassment at the end of that video?

lh_swe2494d ago

Console gamers godammit (not computer gamers)! Silly technophobic journalists.