‘Portal 2′ Writer Discusses Ending, ‘Half-Life’ Connections

Anyone who has finished Portal 2 is aware of the fact that the game’s ending is anything but final, and now the game’s writer has given a few more ideas on the reasons the team ended the story the way they did, and how it fits into the greater war between mankind and the Combine.

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striker452490d ago

It would be awesome if you met up with chell in HL3.

JsonHenry2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

EDIT** never mind, he was referring to portal 1. Not 2.

interrergator2490d ago

plzzzz hl3 this E3 or somthin or on gameinformer or watever so long i know its announced and coming out :(

Lirky2490d ago

portal gun in half-life universe would be neat, especially if hl3 ends like with chell like saving gordon portaling him to another universe if the portal gun gets an auto firmware update somehow.