Trauma Center: New Blood Hands-on

Trauma Center: New Blood centers around a new cast of characters, new locations, and a new overarching foe of a disease. Even in its early chapters New Blood is showcasing an evil new nemesis, more surgeon drama, and a ton of tense OR situations. This time around you'll follow two doctors; lead surgeon Dr. Markus Vaughn, and his partner Valerie Blaylock, a young new doctor who's out to master her own hidden abilities.

The aspect that really makes New Blood a worthy purchase though is that the game supports a full co-operative mode. Any chapter, any challenge, Wi-Fi leaderboards; it's all there. Each player takes one of the doctors, has their own set of tools, their own character-specific Healing Touch power-up (Markus slows down time, while Valerie negates any physical damage), and of course their own cursor on-screen. IGN has had matches in the office where one person busies themselves with removing shattered glass and keeping vitals up, while the other player follows behind to drain the blood, suture the wound, and use antibiotic gel.

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Brainiac 84079d ago

I was completely addicted to Trauma Center: Second Opinion and played it for a month until I mastered it and recieved the best ranks on all of the missions on all difficulties.

It took forever and was super challenging but man was it fun the whole way.

I can't wait to play this one.