The Witcher 2 has gone Gold

DasReviews writes: "Namco Bandai Partners and CD Projekt RED announced today that the much-anticipated RPG, The Witcher 2, has gone gold. Both the Premium Edition and the limited Collector’s Edition are now in production. The game will be available for purchase on May 17..."

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joydestroy2399d ago

YES! cannot wait to get my hands on this!

WithMyLastBreath2399d ago

ahhh me neither! I am currently playing through the Witcher, since I finally have a decent pc, and this game is insane. This game could possibly one of the best rpgs to come out this year. Not to mention I love the way CD Projecktred treats their fans.

Enate2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Agreed good news indeed I also can not wait to play this. Wish they would change the release date to tomorrow since its gold now. Takes awhile for disc but hey digital distribution no problem. I love the way the combat seems so much tighter in this one vs the first one.

warrior99882399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

cant wait getting it off steam my GTX590 says hi !!

Coke-a-Cola2399d ago

This one looks amazing .......... Fantastic Character Development .
I have no PC........ tears ......... dreams of Console port .

warrior99882399d ago

no to console port see how when crysis2 became that it turned to garbage

Led-Zeppelin2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Too bad its going to happen any way. Its all about making money now.

bozebo2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

A port to consoles is fine. A port to PC from consoles is evil. (unless done right, but people are just too stupid to do it properly)

ps3bestever2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

characters animation looks so bad