PlayStation hack: Sony faces watchdog's questions

Sony will be questioned by Britain's data protection watchdog after it admitted hackers stole huge volumes of personal information from the PlayStation Network.

The Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said today he will ask for more information on the incident.

It follows Sony's admission yesterday that hackers stole data on more than 70 million users of the PlayStation Network and Qriocity, its music streaming service.

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Anon19742788d ago

Is anyone surprised Sony didn't reveal that there was an intrusion until they were able to verify there was an intrusion? Of Sony's not going to panic their clients if nothing had been taken. I think Sony acted responsibly. They took the service down and immediately started working on a solution over the holidays. They launched an investigation to find out what happened. When they verified that personal data had been leaked, they informed their customers. Realistically, how else could they have handled it other then releasing a blanket email with no information whatsoever last week?

"Yeah. The PSN may have been hacked, we're not sure how. All your data is compromised, or none of it. We don't know."

If you smell a bit of smoke in a crowded room, do you instantly start screaming fire? Of course not.

Still, it'll be interesting to see what these groups find out. I'd like to know how Sony's response compares to other companies who have faced similar hacks, like the way Microsoft dealt with XBL accounts being hacked and stolen, for example.

Risky_242788d ago

Why do keep repeating this Microsoft got hacked similarly story on so many articles? They did not get hacked. They could be if hackers wanted but they were not hacked like Sony did. This whole thing is getting tiring. Hacking happens all the time I don't know why Sony is getting so much attention, or i could have missed the attention all the others got when they were hacked.

StanSmith2788d ago

Why are people on this site rushing to defend Sony? Yes the hackers are the criminals and should be punished by the full extent of the law, but Sony deserve all this bad publicity now.

Sony were in a position of trust with our personal details which they obviously didn't properly secure! They were warned by a hacker about the lack of security back in feb and Sony shown their arrogance and ignored them! They deserve everything they get now. I use my PS3 as my main console, but no matter what they say, my trust in them has disappeared!

Risky_242788d ago

I agree with you to some extent but that doesn't mean they deserve what they are going through now. No one deserves this

StanSmith2788d ago

They didn't deserve to be hacked and attacked by anon as i fully understand that they have to protect their own interests & property. Saying that however, i do believe they deserve the bad publicity for not securing their own customers info. This is being called "the biggest security issue of the internet age" by many outlets. More and more reports are coming out that they were storing our details in plain text, which was incredibly careless of a electronics giant! Small internet shopping sites aren't even that careless!

Clarence2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Your really dramatic. There are alot of companies that get hacked, and they send emails out weeks later. The reason behind this is, they are investigating what happen. Maybe if they would have sent emails out when it first happen, they would have tipped off the hackers. Now Sony may have a chance to catch them redhanded.

George is lucky he settle out of court prior to this happening. This is one of the arguments Sony put on the table during court. George of course denied anything like this would happen.

StanSmith2788d ago

George is a idiot. Not gonna argue on that one lol

I do think i have a right to be annoyed though after using my personal details online for the last 10 years for internet shopping etc, and never having a single issue until this.

I know that many companies get hacked but many don't end up losing the amount of info that Sony has currently confirmed as being stolen.

hay2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

1. We don't know if there's connection between information from february and recent incident. We don't even know this info is true.
2. We don't know what info exactly was stolen. Sony was just preparing for worst people, and people made it bird flu.
3. There's always someone better. There is no system that is 100% secure. There were people who breached Pentagon's security, hacked FBI. You just need talent and people who are determined to do that.
4. You can't blame the victim for being robbed. Use common sense. They lost on this one more than you will get in your entire life. They're in deeper shit than you'll ever be. They'll working harder on fixing this stuff than you'll ever work.
5. It's your right to be angry, but please be considerate at the same time. You're affecting other people's judgement not thinking clearly while everyone should stay calm not to make this situation even worse.
If those hackers wanted to humiliate Sony, you're making the criminals succeed.

You can't blame a bank for being robbed just 'cause they didn't put Ninjas as pre-emptive force and commandos as the main defence.

ct032788d ago

<<Why are people on this site rushing to defend Sony?>>

I see you're new here. Cliff notes: Sony can do no wrong. Sony is God.

xAlmostPro2788d ago

Just because it was hacked doesn't mean it wasn't secure. That's the whole point of a hack.

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xAlmostPro2788d ago

They clearly stated there was an intrusion.

Then when they found out the extent of it they announced it.

Watchdog can go a way

b_one2788d ago

I hope he gets some more answers for us

Honest_gamer2788d ago

I dont even know what to make of the situation any more, I need more info before I make up my mind there was that long from FEB the 16th that was posted a few hours ago that SHOWED hackers where in the network at that time but they didn’t make there move until a week ago, since then sony shut the psn down 2 days after they started to notice something funny going on, last night htey said peoples contact info was taken and the CC info MIGHT <<KEYWORD MIGHT! Have been taken but they don’t know yet
so far all I know is
Sony was hacked
Sony noticed it something funny happening
They shut down the PSN 2 days after noticing
They then hired a security firm
3 days later (yesterday) they said they have been hacked info was taken but they don’t know if CC info was taken

Im currently making a system where users can add things (example games), price the games, edit game records etc, (sort of a game version of Wikipedia for a college project) and that has almost 10,000 lines of code in it and if I screw up it takes me ¾ days just to go through everything line by line (if undo doesn’t work ..... actually ima go back it up things would be easier that way) aw by 10,000 lines of code I do mean per page (including css, java scrip files etc that are related to that page) so im guessing play station network is tens of thousands of lines of code, I’m honestly surprised at how fast they did manage to go through the code.
Anyway to finaly wrap up I hope they get it fixed soon am missing psn and don’t want to have to renew xbl gold (every penny counts when ur unemployed away to be a 1st time dad at 19 :-( ), I feel like sony has done all it could so far sure it could have done better like shutting the psn down soon as they noticed something instead of waiting a whole 2 days but sh1t happens

blackburn52788d ago

You an idiot MARIOFTW. How do you even know that this the same security flaw the hacker talked about? You don't know what the hacker did, how much info was stolen or if it could even give the hacker any advantage. Sony hasn't confirmed if they lost anything important and if it is 10 or a million accounts that were taken. So stop raising the pitchforks and lighting the torches until we find out what happen. You will look very stupid if you shout all this crap and you find out that the hacker barely got away with anything.

StanSmith2788d ago

Sony have confirmed our details have been taken already! It's on their own website! The only thing unconfirmed is whether our card details have been taken too. Even without our card details, they have enough info to commit identity theft against us.

It doesn't matter how it was done and why, the simple fact is Sony haven't secured our details properly. People have a right to be pissed at Sony when something like this happens. I'm not hating on Sony here like the xbox fanboys that are out in full force. I truly think that PS3 is better than the Xbox, however I can't trust Sony again after this kind of Security issue.

xAlmostPro2788d ago

@MarioFTW they did not state our details were taken at all, they stated they MAY have been.

The part that stated they were accessed was from an email they would be/were sending to those who WERE accessed to let them know they are at at risk.

Didn't get the email? you aren't at risk at all.

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