blipreview: Yakuza 4 (PS3)

Gamesblip writes: Damn. We cannae speak Japanese to save ourselves, and every time we pop the phrase ‘The Sopranos of Our Lives’ into a different translator we get a different result...

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ko-zee-ii2489d ago

Great review and loved the game... GTA can suck it!

InLaLaLand2489d ago

For me Yakuza 3 was more enjoyable than RDR lol. But yeah Yakuza 4 is great, feels more like the Tokyo Red Light District Simulator (no offence to anyone) than Yakuza 3 (due to cut content).

ko-zee-ii2488d ago

Absolutely agree. It's the most "Japanese" game I've ever played, if that makes sense. I just can't get enough of the random fight brutality where some punk gets in your face, you beat him and his cronies down and then he apologises for the offense. Classic!

Ruggadagod2489d ago

yakuza killed gta for me. don't even play them anymore lol.