FTG Review: The Sims Medieval

"Long live the king! Unless of course, he is a womanizing tool who oppresses his peasants. If the latter is true, maybe it’s time to kill him."- Bedivere

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Fir3truck2643d ago

Awesome just in time for the Royal Wedding.

maxcavsm2643d ago

No kidding? Review read well until the bottom; 3.5 points off for controls?

eccothedolphin72643d ago

The controls are borderline abysmal. If you play a shit ton of the sims, you might be able to adjust to this quickly, but for anyone who is used to normal control schemes this is just archaic and bad. It makes the most fun activities feel like you are just playing whack-a-mole.

WharenPeace2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I didn't have any problems with the controls since it plays similar to any of the sims games of the last decade (yet.. ironically, having more RPG freedom and depth than Dragon Age 2).

What irks me is that once you complete a Kingdom story arc (not the individual plot elements), your heroes are reset, and you have to start all over again in a new arc. It's a real shame, if you've invested (LITERALLY) days into your knight or King character only to have to restart when you hit the arc limit.

If it had the same level of freedom as Sims 3, yet in a medieval setting, this game would have been a killer (and not just with the ladies but also with the machinima crowd).

AmigoSniped2643d ago

How disapointing. Oh well I havent played a sims game since the orginal back in the day

maxcavsm2643d ago

Well, other sites actually rate it surprisingly higher; might still be worth checking out...

PureDarkness2643d ago

That's disappointing, the sims expansions are normally pretty cool

eccothedolphin72643d ago

This isn't an expansion. It's a full retail release.