Reviewer Rodeo: NetherRealm vs. Capcom - Fate of Content

ZTGD Writes: GET OVER HERE! You may not have heard, but a new Mortal Kombat released this past week. Critics and fans alike are raving over the refined fighting mechanics, the return to 2D, tons of content, and, especially, the King of the Hill online mode. We thought it would be good to take a look at how MK stacks up against this year’s other major fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Our review team chimed in on where they think Capcom will respond to this new challenger appearing. Complaints about MvC3 have focused on the poor online experience, overpriced DLC, and the rumors of a “Super MvC3″ that could be released as an alternative to patching.

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supremacy2791d ago

Netherealm easily wins this fight. Capcom has been ripping people off since that whole resident evil co-op incident.