UK PSN guide to identity theft and what to do if you suspect fraudulent activity ( writes:

"With PSN users right to be worried about the security threat posed by the attack on the PlayStation Network last week, we’ve put together a guide to give you tips on what you should do next, and what to do if you notice any fraudulent activity on your account.

By following our guide, you should have all the details on what to look out for and where to report any malicious activity on your bank account that is connected with the PSN, or indeed any future suspicious activity involving your finances."

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The Matrix2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

People used to laugh at me for using only prepaid PSN cards instead of using my credit card. Well...

FACTUAL evidence2491d ago

lol, I used to use my cc back in 09, but i just stopped and started using psn cards since 2010. Well I know I'm safe, it sucks for the people who's info is on there.

I just go by the whole rule of "nothings un-crackable". That's why I don't even order online with ANYTHING unless i can give a money order.

hay2491d ago

Most people that used CC with PSN got their cards already changed or blocked. Not really a problem.

ikkeweer2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Just to be sure, is there any solid info yet on CreditCards being hacked/cracked/abused as a result of this?
Better safe then sorry, I agree, but this Sony-silence is making people jump to worst-case-scenario real fast.
Guess they can't review games anymore if they can't go online (s), so they need something to write about, but if I start to believe all the crap that's showing up right now, I better start digging deep before 2012 comes.

@Hay, what do you base that assumption on?, I bet only very few did what you just said/typed.

ChilliDemon2491d ago

Long-term risk of identity theft is far more worrying. I put a block on my CC first thing this morning.


This thing is getting really big and with the offline problem its worst....I just saw a report on SKY news talking about this....Sky news never report any thing that has to do with a game console apart from when blu ray was announced ...For sky news to report this its a big problem and bad publicity for sony even tho sony is playing it calm like they are supposed to behind the sence the top executives and sony is probly sweating there ass of and worried...They also reported some users who use there credit cards to buy things on the psn store might have there ID hacked...This is getting more serious than i taught, I never knew this problem will last this long and the offline psn is even making it worst.

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Corrwin2491d ago

Good advice.

Already cancelled my card, I'll be waiting to change all info when PSN comes back online.

Still a lot scammers can do with the other info - name, address etc.

Hopefully this has been done as a prank or a stunt and they'll get caught, that's the best case scenario.

Worst case is if it was done maliciously, and the details sold on to any number of fraudsters around the world.

tigertron2491d ago

I've done the same. I cancelled my debit card this morning and I'll be waiting to remove my debit card details and change my password when its back online.

tigertron2491d ago

Judging by the disagrees, I guess I didn't go to the bank this morning and cancelled my debit card.

Corrwin2490d ago

Lol, there are folk here who will just disagree regardless.

Maybe they disagree with debit cards? I'm not sure how, but they'll find a way!

Janitor2491d ago

I had two $1 charges pending on my debit from VISA CREDIT-REPORT that showed up Saturday. It never posted but those were obviously "test" charges to see if my account was valid. Not taking any chances, I cancelled that card and I'm getting a new one.

BullCrap2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Mass hystria runs deep. Calm down people. It was one person that wanted to be able to say look what i can do. All the info that was on the PSN was on the internet already, name, adress and yes even your credit card numbers, all floating around out there right now and has been for years. Need verifacation from your bank and passwords to even get to the first step, and thats not even been aproved yet at that point.

andreasx2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

are you ok if you HAD CC info before, but removed it later??? does that mean im good? PS: from now on when im buying from PSN, im getting those PSN cards... a lot safer