Call of Duty Black Ops: Ascension

Ascension is a zombie map for the Call Of Duty game Black Ops. It was released in the First Strike Map Pack. Ascension brought a lot of new additions with it, including Space Monkeys, new perks and new weapons. Ascension may be one of the most difficult maps to navigate tactically as it has a lot of different spaces for you to hole up in and a lot of more open spaces for you to maneuver through.

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sycnation2787d ago

Fun twist on the Zombies. I love the monkeys. Those little [email protected]$tards are funny and evil. I only wish the story had an ending instead of the "new twist" that "CALL OF THE DEAD" is picking up in the new map pack.


Axll2785d ago

I do like the idea of Call of The Dead but I just hope it doesn't mean the end for Nazi Zombies.