Online Bank on PSN Hack: Enough Information Hasn’t Been Compromised

When Sony had said that every PlayStation Network account may have and could be compromised, PSN users feared the worst; more so for their bank accounts that is linked with their PSN account. An online bank has now calmed fears by stating that enough information hasn’t been compromised to block their customer’s cards.

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riksweeney2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

What's up with that title?

"Enough Information Hasn’t Been Compromised"

I'm unhappy to not read that there wasn't a hack that didn't get all the information to not compromise the bank not because there wasn't enough information not taken from the hack.

If you're not unhappy with what I've written then do not not click on the agree button

itsmyyard2401d ago

Enough information hasn’t been compromised to block their customer’s cards.

riksweeney2401d ago

I was referring to the very bad grammar. It should really say

"Not enough information has been compromised"


"Not enough information was compromised"

ComboBreaker2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Finally, an honest perspective from a bank.

Joe29112401d ago

I think I'll wait to hear from the likes of Lloyds TSB, Natwest and HSBC before I make my mind up of the extent of the breach. Never even heard of Smile.

user8586212401d ago

"We dont believe at this time enough information has been compromised to put your account at risk"

gaffyh2401d ago

Makes perfect sense to me, basically, your bank details are safe.

DanSolo2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

@ joe

I just got off of the phone with Natwest as I rang them to ask if they thought it worth cancelling my card and they told me that even if any unauthorised transactions are made with that card, then you would be reimbursed the full amount, probably on the same day that you reported it!


Yeah mate, that is some pretty bad grammar!

paintsville2401d ago Show
XabiDaChosenOne2401d ago

@paintsville Its very serious yet your using the situation to promote your fanboy propaganda? Does that make any type of sense to you?

colombiankilla012400d ago

But I thought hackers were good im sure theyre gonna do something good with the CC information!

Lawliet2400d ago

Holyfuk this is the first time PS3 news cover up every hot topics! Where the fuk are the rest platform news? They drought!?

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C_Menz2401d ago

Yea I got in touch with my CC companies and bank a little ago and all of them said that I shouldn't worry to much. Pretty sure they already know a bit more than us as to what was leaked(I'm sure Sony sent them more info than us). Pretty much ended up with them saying they will keep a better eye on my accounts, and if any fraudulent charges are made even with the increased security that I would have no trouble disputing them.

So don't go out freaking out and canceling all of your cards. You simply need to get in touch with your CC companies(phone or on their website on your online account) and inform them of the situation. Stopping into your bank doesn't hurt either, although mine said it is fine since I don't have an online account anyway so they would block and flag any withdrawals like that.. So the someone would have to do it in person which would be stupid unless if I have some long lost twin brother.

jerethdagryphon2401d ago

well other then things i cant change all info cards and passwords relating to my psn account have been altered paranoia for the win

Call_me_Ishmael2401d ago

And all those articles about 'my money was taken,im broke!!!'
just made themselves look retarded

TBM2401d ago

True I was never worried as I have fraud protection. If you don't have that then its your own fault if something happens to your account.

I just most of my morning dealing with my idiot 360 fanboy friend who constantly made himself sound completely stupid.

william25022401d ago

Get this to the top news story STAT!

Capdastaro2401d ago

I used to work for Smile at The Pyramid, awful place to work like but I trust what they are saying.

Tired2401d ago

A voice of reason...FINALLY!

Not the first time my account information has been compromised and I doubt it to be the last. A sign of the times I fear.

On a happier note, I checked my bank account details for strange activity and found out my mobile phone provider had been rinsing me for the past 6 months. 2 sets of insurance and some kind of idiot 'helpline'. I've been paying them £30 a month for ages.

Moral of the story....EVERYONE should read their statements.

ikkeweer2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

You call finding out your telephone company has screwed you over for six months a "happier note"?

Edit: OK, I see that your happy you caught it, but I'd still be more pissed then happy. Then again, its a phone-company, it was to be expected.

Tired2401d ago

Yes I'm happy I caught it, Who knows how long I could have left it.

frostypants2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

My cell phone company does this to me all the time. When I complain and say I want to cancel (because even if they fix it, they do it again the very next month), they then hang the contract cancellation fee over my head. SUCH bs.

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