Xbox Live and now PSN user accounts hacked – game consoles unsafe?

Gamer.Blorge writes: "Its difficult to fault these companies and agencies for getting hacked. You can be sure that companies such as Microsoft and Sony, that deal in retail transactions, have taken the necessary measures to keep its system secure. However, If someone wants to get into a system bad enough, chances are they will find a way."

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ComboBreaker2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

It's a good thing Xbox Live is not that secure either.

Call_me_Ishmael2790d ago

why is that good?????
seriously the amount of fanboyism that
a person can have is just crazy.

FACTUAL evidence2790d ago

Dam hackers are really making this a topic, dizam that guy's a total nerd in that pic....holy dam!

Larry L2790d ago

WOW.......look at the comment section of that site. Damn 360 fanboys are so hate filled, in denial, and hate hearing the truth so much that it's a bit disturbing. Friggin Xombies man, they're such hypocrites.

iamnsuperman2790d ago

I hope your being sarcastic. No online storage of information is 100% safe but the more security the better

Baka-akaB2790d ago

sounds like the brain was compromised too

Noble Spartan2790d ago ShowReplies(1)
r1sh122790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Gotta love people who dont read the articles...
XBL accounts were hacked in 2007, and that was because of a breach.
Not directly XBL.
Since then majornelson got his account hacked, all the other hacks are phishing ones.
You get someone sending a message like "Free MS points, or map packs, or god mode on this site, which looks like a mock XBL login site".
Stupid people log in and lose their account.

Its never good when personal info is hacked

Jezuz2790d ago

He wants it to be fair. lol

S_C2790d ago

@Larry L
360 owners full of fanboyism and denial

Ok i dont know how many articles ive seen in the pending window that have been flagged when it comes to the current psn issue, flagging it as lame etc. dont ask me why but the only thing i can think of is damage control.

"Friggin Xombies man, they're such hypocrites"
so if this was the other way round you would be all calm and not say a single thing against the LIVE service. Ok your are a hypocrite. Your whole comment sounds like your in denial mate.

Dont get me wrong i hate to see the psn in such a state as it is currently as people payed for that console and survice with their hard earned cash and the last thing i want to see is people getting fraud.
But when people like you come on here blabing you mouth off saying xbox owners are hypocrites and in denial i just have to say somthing.

Larry L2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

That 1st part you said.....idk wtf you're talking about. That has nothing to do with me or anything I said. I don't even know what the pending section is. I'm stuck using the PS3 browser so I can't use all the features on many sites. But, as for the 2nd paragraph........

No, I'm NOT a hypocrite in any way. I HATE hypocrites. !st off, I'd never have anything to be worried about either way, because I'm not an idiot who puts my credit card info online in any way, on any site. I'd just never do it because I've NEVER trusted the internet. BUT, if I were an idiot who puts my credit card info online, I would have the same level of unrest regardless of whether it happened on PSN or Live or any other network. But you see, these hypocritical 360 Xombies, including btw alot of the pseudo-journalist in the gaming media, are making a huge deal out of this PSN hack, calling Sony "incompetent" and saying everyone should suddenly hate Sony because of this. Yet back when Live was breached through, and MANY people's accounts actually got hacked (on PSN there's not a single confirmed case of a hacked account yet), and M$ did absolutely NOTHING for an entire week, before FINALLY taking Live down for 2 whole weeks, and to this day they've basically had no real disclosure on what gaming pseudo-journalists made a big deal about it at all, and for the most part it was completely swept under the rug. The Xbox Live security breach was FAR worse than the current PSN breach, yet it was no big deal back then, but now because it's Sony, and so many of these pseudo-journalist are included in the swarm of 360 Xombies, they're calling for Sony's head over this, and completely blowing it out of proportion.

THAT is what being a hypocrite is. So don't say "people like me", when it's people like YOU that's the real problem. Sitting there on your keyboard defending completely hypocritical behaviour. You sound so much like those left wing politically correct people on the news sticking up for evil people, that it's almost sickening.

S_C2790d ago

@Larry L
They are making a big deal of it because peoples money is getting taking out of peoples bank course thats not a big issue. Sticking up for the evil people..... you really are trying to hard to look like the good guy in your comment obviously you didnt read my whole comment and jumped the gun with that mouth of yours again ill post that part again so you can read it .."Dont get me wrong i hate to see the psn in such a state as it is currently as people payed for that console and survice with their hard earned cash and the last thing i want to see is people getting fraud"

you tell me how that is sticking up for the evil people.........

noones accounts got hacked according to you yet ps3 owners are already reporting money going missing from their bank accounts since the hack.....i wonder how the hacker got hold of that info or was it just pure coinsidence in your eyes. You are really trying your best to stick up for psn so yes i think your in denial. Thing i dont get about you ps3 fanboys is that if a writer/someone writes somthing good about the ps3 you all bow down to his feet yet if the writer/Someone says somthing remotley bad about the ps3 you all call for their heads off......that is being a hypocrite. WOW the haterid you have for anyone who likes the 360 is up there with the worst ive ever seen on N4G

Larry L2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

LOL, you're (and it's you're btw, not your, hard to take someone seriously who doesn't know the difference) so full of yourself it's unbelievable. But that's how the majority of 360 Xombies act, so it's really no surprise.

Show me some proof of alot of people getting money taken out of their accounts. REAL proof, not just some random guy on the internet who for all you know is a lying 360fantard just trying to make Sony look bad like countless other people have been trying to do this entire gen. SHOW ME!!!!

The "evil" people you're sticking up for are those hypocrites. Are you SO friggin blind that you literally don't even see what you yourself typed?

It's not like this hacker was Anonymous where thousands upon thousands of people were all doing this. It was a small group of 12 people, and only one of them was stupid enough to hack and use someone's account. And there was only a small timeframe window between that guy doing it and PSN being taken down so it couldn't be done any more. At the most, 2 or 3 people got their accounts accessed and used by these losers. PERHAPS half a dozen. When Live was hacked at least hundreds, upwards of a thousand people got their accounts hacked in one way or another when those people got user's emails and passwords for their Live account, and a large percentage of them actually had purchases made, and most of those people ended up losing their accounts over the issue. Where was the outrage then, eh? THAT is the hypocricy I'm pointing out.

What I'm saying has nothing to do with defending Sony or attacking MS. And the fact that THAT is what your read into my posts shows just how deep YOUR fanboyism runs, that you don't even notice it, it's so natural to you. I'm attacking the hypocricy and double standards and all-out anti-ps3 fanboyism that's running rampant throughout the video game pseudo-journalist idustry, and has been this entire gen. It's SO obvious that they've all been just drooling for something like this to happen to Sony so they could try and burn Sony at the stake. Yet the same thing happens to MS on Live, and it was actually WORSE, and yet they don't care.

If you don't see the hypocricy and double standards, and have to chalk up what I'm saying to me being a fanboy, then you are SO F'n blinded by YOUR fanboyism, that you've lost all human deductive reasoning skills. Get with reality and stop blaming everything on fanboyism. Because you people throw around that word so much that it's lost all meaning. It's like the word "racist" now-a-days. People just throw it around any time someone has a different view, that it's lost all meaning.

KDubyah2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

You know, for picking at someones grammar, yours ain't that great, neither.
Also, it's hard to take someone serious who uses fanboyism terms, so often.
You sound so idiotic with the whole 'everyone is out to get Sony' conspiracy.
What is the 'same thing' that happened to Microsoft that you speak of? Hmm.
If it's what this article speaks about, someone has already spoken about that.
It was a breach at a website, online, for Bungie, not xBox Live. Difference.
I find it funny when you tell him to stop blaming everything on fanboyism..
Do you realize what you wrote? Everything you wrote is about fanboyism!
And, here you write about how you are not a hypocrite? Ha, that's funny.

S_C2790d ago

Couldnt agree with you more...

@Larry L
You think its ok for 2 or 3 peoples bank accounts to get hacked do you.....for me thats 2-3 too many, if it was yours you'd be playing holly hell and if it was main i would be aswell but unlike you i dont want it to happen to other people either were as you couldn't give a sh*t. Are you on some sort of drugs or somthing you think everyone apart from yourself is out to get sony, what you dont know is that i was once a ps3 owner,i wish sony all the best in this mess they are finding themselves in this fiasco and hope that it doesn't hit them were it hurts, after all competition is only a good thing to have.
But the way you are talking you could swear your the owner of sony the way you are sticking up for them. I couldnt care what company it is things like this should not be acceptable. but you are up there with one of the most hardcore sony fanboys i have come across. And btw if the only thing you can do is pick at someones grammar you are really clutching at straws

S_C2790d ago

@ Larry L
And if you didnt believe me about psn articles getting flagged all the time for LAME etc here PROOF that youve been wait for : check out the amount of times this articles been flagged
disagree all you want there are the facts

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FunkMcnasty2790d ago

Really!?! It's "good that XBL is not safe!?! It's not "good" that any console/gaming network is not secure from hackers, especially since the network stores peoples credit card info!

You are either a hacker yourself or a complete and utter tool. I'm going with the latter...

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imaballa992790d ago

Didn't senior Microsoft executive get his Xbox Live account hacked recently?

maawdawg2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Yes, but not through live. He was hacked through social networking (his own website) which compromised his passwords and then the person used the password to access his XBL account. Same end result but it wasn't a direct hack through Live.

BlackKnight2790d ago

Basically social engineering means tricking people into giving up login information. Not considered hacking in the least.

badkolo2790d ago

so sony gets hacked and here we go resurrecting old ms issues to cover up for whats going on with sony. shame, such a shame

GameOn2790d ago

well of course, this is N4G afterall. I'm just happy my data is safe (for the moment)

Adva2790d ago

Coverup? You can find at least 5 articles about it every day. Get yourself checked.

dead_eye2790d ago

Well MS issues I guess are old news and soon enough so will Sonys. Good to know that if we forgive and forget with MS we can with Sony to.

Vega752790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Did people forgive or forgot (mainly forgive) MS for anything they've done. Not going by this site.

Anyway. I agree that no online site is safe. I've had my steam account hacked and had to provide proof that games I brought was in fact purchased by me just to access thise games and set up new passwords for that site as well as this one.

badkolo2790d ago

one went down becuase of how busy it was, sony went down and had all your info stolen, lets not even try to say one is like the other.

dead_eye2790d ago Show
Vega752790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I see your point and raise you one.

Let's talk about the dreaded dre issuses for the ps2 ok since you want to go there with the RRoD issues ok. I know the dre issues wasn't as bad as RRoD issues. But neither was the problem with live 4 yrs ago compared to what Sony is going thru now.

Now ask yourself this how many people on this site and every other still brings it up. So how many people have really forgiven MS about that. Because they sure haven't forgot it since it's still being brought Up to this day

dead_eye2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

@vega75 Well everyone who bought a second 360 forgave them. As for the forget part well it never really happens but it does get pushed to the back of the mind. It gets brought back up to counter silly arguements from fanboys (this sentence can be used for both Sony and Ms fanboys)

Seeing as live was down 2 weeks and we don't know fully whats happening Sony's end then I think it's a fair comparison.

EDIT Oh the mods are on form today. Should be down to one bubble before long. Shame it seems to be a coin flip if you'll lose one or not.

jimbone792790d ago

@ Dead eye
When was Live down for 2 weeks? I've had a 360 since its launch and I have never went 2 weeks without getting online. When is this 2 week thing you're talking about, because I never experienced it. To be honest I’ve never went to get on Live and not been able to.

KDubyah2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

People sure as hell forgot bout the Playstion 1 and 2's problems..
People sure as hell will forget about the x360's problems, fer sure.
I didn't have much problems with the Playstation 1, but I know many did.
However, with the PlayStation 2, that's different story. I owned 4 of em.
The PlayStation issues just weren't as widespread as the x360's is.
Or, well, at least they weren't spread all around the internet, anyway.
Also, Microsoft changed to a 3 year warranty and free repairs, for RRoD.
Sony didn't have or do anything like that for their Playstation issues.

But, who cares, it's past.. The xbox1 was fine. The PlayStation 3 is good.
I imagine, and do believe, that both systems will be solid next gen.

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Anon19742790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

These cases closely mirror each other so of course it's relevant in the discussion to look at how similar cases were dealt with and draw comparisons.

Microsoft users were hacked and credit card information was verified to have been stolen. Microsoft's did not notice themselves and only launched an investigation a week later after an independent security firm found the breach and reported it. Microsoft never took XBL down and never, ever revealed how much information was breached, how many accounts were effected or what happened at all.

Now let's contrast that to what happened with the PSN. Sony detected the intrusion. They took the network down immediately. They hired a security firm to investigate and let their customers know as soon as they verified what happened. In the meantime, employees worked through the holidays to secure their service.

I've pointed this out in other threads and I'm dismissed as a Sony loyalist, have my posts inappropriately marked as trolling and am accused of sounding like a broken record but no one has stepped forward to address what I've said, all opting for name calling and personal attacks - and now we have an article saying the exact same thing.

This is a shitty situation all around, but I feel that Sony has dealt with this exactly as they should have. Seriously, what could they have done differently other than panicking customers right from the start before they had verified even what had transpired?

In fact, the reason we're even talking about this is because Sony did the right thing. Had Sony left the PSN up while this was going on no one would have even noticed and even if a few people's accounts were hijacked the majority probably wouldn't even have known anything was going on. This could have been quietly swept under the rug but it wasn't.

That's something Sony should be commended on, not condemned for.

Now sit back and watch people attack me because I speak the truth and they can't think of a single point counter to the ones I raise. That's usually when my comments are just censored. I encourage all thinking gamers to consider what I've said and discuss. What's similar about these cases? What's different? Who's dealing with it better?

green2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"These cases closely mirror each other"


Risky_242790d ago

Maybe that's because xbox live didn't actually get hacked into so there was no intrusion. People entered their info on a bogus site and so their account details were obtained but this has nothing to do with Microsoft.

evrfighter2790d ago

lol calmly mirror each other. I stopped there. last I checked xbl's entire user bases private info hadn't been stolen and could now be in the process of being sold to the highest bidder credit card # and all.

see kids this is what happens to you when you drink the fanboy koolaid

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Scyrus2790d ago

yeah, well im glad atleast one site mentioned that live accounts were stolen, the news updates are really one sided making it seem like only psn isnt safe.

anything online isnt safe, anything in general isnt safe. If you type in your pin on a card swipe machine someone might see you enter it, there might even be a psychic that can read your mind and steal your social!!!

honestly people, being shocked at hackers stealing info is like being shocked that someone broke into your house that had an alarm system and dogs, it till happens whether your prepared or not

ezcex2790d ago

Emails and companies hacked? Internet unsafe?

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