150° - Sony Says Forensic Analysis Is Reason For Not Disclosing In A Timely Manner

When a breach occurs in your network that warehouses the personal and confidential information of your 70 million customers, you have a responsibility to notify the public immediately that there was a breach. If you don't know if the data was compromised, you still have the responsibility to notify the public that it's possible even while you investigate the issue.

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trounbyfire2786d ago

i thought it was that they didn't discover that some tiny amount of info may have been taken until much later.

they saw some one hacking and took down the PSn they didn't know the DBAG was trying to steal or get free stuff.

So people go to ps blog get the right new from the source not speculation

zootang2786d ago

They should have told us they were hiring forensic analysists. That would have been sufficient communication.

blackburn52786d ago

Yeah, like that would have really got everyone off their backs. Who do you think you are fooling?

trounbyfire2786d ago

every heare of lawyers. they have to make sure their end is ready before people try to come at them and claim my stuff was stolen.

not one claim stolen credit card until the news came out that it might have been compromised.

cyclonus0072786d ago

Sony was rebuilding PSN while a separate security firm was investigating the breach. If Sony knew accounts were breached early on, what do they have to gain by waiting almost a week to tell people? Nothing to gain, everything to lose. Use some sense, people. They told us as soon as they knew.

darx2786d ago

If you believe that.

cyclonus0072786d ago

Until there's clear evidence otherwise, yes.

People are assuming the breach that made Sony shut down PSN and the possible breach of user info are the same thing. What if they were separate and while investigating one they uncovered the other? Not so hard to believe.

Master of Unlocking2786d ago

Hackers need to die. And I seriously mean it.
F*cking unwanted scum of society.

NatureOfLogic2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

can you guess the reason everyone isn't tagged with RFIDs right now, let me give you a hint, those "unwanted scum" YES thats right, Hackers.

cyclonus0072786d ago

Explain how.

Hackers have a lot of drive and talent but they lack wisdom. Instead of using their work to make things better, they make it worse. How does breaking into secure systems help anyone?

B1663r2786d ago


PSN getting hacked will make the internet more secure because it is one thing when we learn that Gawker used a plain text password storage scheme for commenting accounts, and it is an entirely different thing when we learn that Sony used a plain text password storage scheme.

You can bet that any company that is still using plain text password storage schemes is reviewing that decision today.

Additionally I would like to see additional regulation that requires each individual record containing personal information be stored in an encrypted format, based on a hashed password.

That way companies like Sony don't have access to your personal information unless it is at the exact moment they are billing your account, while you have keyed in your password.

There is no reason for Sony to keep any of this information, and if they had a reason, it should be kept on a computer/network that is isolated from the customer facing network.

HardCover2786d ago

You know... plenty of hackers eventually get careers in online security. That generally means STOPPING hacking with their previous experience and knowledge of hacking.

Ignorant twits need to die.

Master of Unlocking2786d ago

Yeah? And how are those hackers stopping anything? They're just stopping people to have fun, stopping a company to make money...Thankfully someone will stop them someday.
Hackers are a goddamn plague.
And you twats waiting to crawl out of the woodwork to jump on every occasion to troll also are.

Trolls need to die.

cyclonus0072786d ago

Awesome. So, given enough time, people who break laws will eventually sell out, stop breaking said laws, and fight other law breakers?

Maybe we should start hiring career criminals as cops? What could go wrong?

AliC2786d ago

It would make a lot more sense, I still feel Sony's PR could do with a slap, they could have still handled the whole matter much better.

MazinKaiser2786d ago

I Just Want My service back

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