IGN: Sony 'Reviewing' PSN Refunds

IGN: Although today's big story is that the PlayStation Network is still offline and Sony is admitting a hacker got personal information for PlayStation 3 and PSP users, an interesting "refund" tidbit has come to light. Since the PlayStation Network went offline on April 20, 2011, players who have paid for subscriptions such as PlayStation Plus and DC Universe Online have wondered if they'd get money back as they can't use the services. Sony has been mum on the topic.

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user8586212785d ago

"While we are still assessing the impact of this incident, we recognize that this may have had financial impact on our loyal customers. We are currently reviewing options and will update you when the service is restored."

v1c1ous2785d ago


free game for everyones! that way we don't have to pay back the cash!

rockleex2785d ago

All Sony has to do is extend their subscription services by the same amount of time that PSN has been un-accessible.

FACTUAL evidence2785d ago

I was thinking an extra free month of plus for current ps+ users, and also a free downloadable game/avatars for every psn user. Like a mini or something, just to show they care.

InLaLaLand2785d ago

I think they should give a free month (or two) for subscription based games like DCUO or refund them. For PS+ users a free game and for regular users 100 mb cloud saving feature (put more for PS+ users to 300mb).

rockleex2785d ago

I fear that even if Sony compensates us, there will be many articles titled "Is a free game enough to make up for it?"

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Arapidos2785d ago

5th amendment constitutes a "JUST COMPENSATION" from an illegal taking... HOWEVER

because the taking was only a limited taking or a moratorium, then SONY may not be subjected to having a refund.

NaiNaiNai2785d ago

so in other words, if say only 800,000 users got there information stolen, sony doesn't have to pay you anything.

comforting isn't it loyalists.


Arksine2785d ago

I think Sony will have to compensate DC online users somehow. PS+ users will probably just get extra time to Download the current free/discounted merchandise.

Outside of that, I don't think Sony will be required to do anything. I do however think that it would be in their best interest to provide something for all PSN users. Right now they are in desperate need for positive PR, and giving away free stuff would be a big step in that direction.

Arapidos2785d ago


yes, after a certain population # has been breached, it becomes an "unreasonable financial obligation" for the corporation.

lee_ten2785d ago

hey, nainainai, don't you have homework to do instead of trolling?

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Mikelarry2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

hey hey i pay for psn+ i demand part of my money returned. i dont want any stinking game that would 2 days later be offered FREE to uk psn+ users as part of thier monthly updates

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darx2785d ago

I also better get free access to my credit report for at least a year if not more.

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