PSN Hacked = My Gmail Hacked

Botchweed: "So I like most of you am on the Playstation Network, foolishly trusting my details with a multi national corporation. This morning I went to log into my Gmail account which is the same account that is tied to my Playstation Network account, and low and behold I couldn’t log into it and needed to undergo phone verification due to unusual activity. This is the same account that I had logged into just 8 hours prior."

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iamnsuperman2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Idiot for using the same password

edit: Why disagree i am not saying he should apologies to Sony.....still shouldn't reuse a password for you emails and for your PSN especially if the email is the one used to sign in. That is just stupid

EddyD2789d ago

Maybe I am, but when I have hundreds of accounts online I share about 5 different passwords out between them. The fact that a Google site and a Sony site shared the same details I would have thought was fine.

It's my bad for not expecting Sony to have such piss poor security that they can get hacked.

Temporary_Name2789d ago

Yeah you should apologize to Sony for not expecting it. It's all your fault PSN got hacked and Sony has done the best it can to protect you!


imvix2789d ago

I think its common for people to only have 2-3 different passwords. in this day and age there are so many places we subscribe to, keeping a different password for every place would be impossible.

Baka-akaB2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Sorry but however incompetent sony might indeed be , it's foolish to use the same password like that .

Even without psn hacked , the day one of your account would have been compromised , you'd been screwed everywhere .


Except even for the lazy ones , you can store them in your browser and other places .

captain-obvious2789d ago

i like how only PPL with blogs and websites get those kind of things

looking for hits maybe ???

and why the hell would anyone hack your "FREE" Gmail account when they just can get you money with the credit card ??

Millah2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Yes, we all realize that we shouldn't use the same passwords. But realistically, how feasible is it to have a different password for every site. And how is it the consumers fault for trusting Sony with their login information? This would have totally not been an issue for this guy if Sony had made people aware of the POTENTIAL THREAT a week ago. Key word being potential. Sony didn't have to say outright that the information was compromised, but it would have been very helpful to let them know that the threat was there, and that they were hiring an outside firm to investigate it and confirm whether it had been compromised. Instead they waited until they were completely sure before informing anyone a week later, which is ages in the world of cyber crime.

If Sony had let people know to change all their passwords due to a potential threat a week ago, this wouldn't have been nearly as bit of an issue as it is now. It also would ave had a much lesser impact on their image.

Arksine2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Sony needs to bear responsibility, but you were careless. Sony is not the first, nor will it be the last, major online merchant to be hacked. If you want to protect yourself you need a password safe such as Keepass.

You aren't alone, I learned this the hard way six months ago. And despite generating seperate, strong paswords for every online account that I have which stores critical data my Credit Card was still compromised by recent hack into a major online retailer.

Bottom line, the only way to protect yourself on today's internet is to generate strong passwords for every account you have, and to constantly monitor these accounts for intrusions.

hay2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

People hacking PSN network just to spam some random people emails? Either hackers are biggest morons ever existed or it's fake/not related.

AAACE52789d ago

My yahoo account was hacked! It shocked me because I use complex passwords. I have has the same password on my yahoo account for years, then as this happened, I got a message from yahoo saying my account was hacked. Now I know where the leak came from!

Bear_Grylls2789d ago

I was reading up till "This morning I went to log into my Gmail account"

Wait a minute, you use Gmail???

This has to be fake, no-one uses Gmail.

It is recognized by 99% of email providers as spam.

rockleex2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

It happened to me too. My PSN account is not even activated through my Gmail account though so I doubt they're related.

I also use a different password for my Google account.

But if you search on Google about this problem, it seems like this has been happening to a lot of people for at least two years now.

Btw, I know other PSN and Gmail users who haven't even experienced this.

FredEffinChopin2789d ago

LastPass my friend. Download it. I had to do it after Gawker media left all out info sitting out there for the taking. It will generate strong and unique passwords for each site and store them remotely. You can access the PWs pretty much anywhere, you just need to remember your lastpass login and PW. There is even an Android app for it.

darksied2789d ago

Even though it seems like it, this is NOT related because it happened to a friend of mine too who does NOT have a playstation. Her address book all got sent this weird email too. I got one from here and it was pretty strange.

There's been a rash of these hacks going around. About 1 month ago, I received emails from Best Buy, Capital One, Chase, Bank of America, Meijer, and a bunch of others saying their info was hacked too and my personal info and email address were taken. It's not just sony and google, there's a lot of these cases going on right now.

Personally I think they should all go to jail, for as long as the law allows. Then they should never be able to touch any computer-related device ever again.

Again, and I promise you, this has nothing to do with PSN because at least this one friend of mine who had her gmail hacked had NO psn account (doesn't own a ps3).

bobrea2789d ago

Give me a fucking break. You act like hacking is some walk int he park that anyone can do. It took almost 5 years for Sony top get hacked. The security is pretty damn good, and unfortunately for you, so are the hackers.

HeroComplex2789d ago

One should NEVER use their email password to log onto accounts on Internet sites. You're basically giving out access to your email to many different sites and hoping they all protect your information. I understand that people only want to remember a few passwords (I only use 4), but a person's email address is usually used as the login name for most sites, or their email is entered while creating an account. To then use your email password to log onto these sites means that every admin on each site potentially has access to your email, or a hacker of any one of the sites would have access.

Even government sites get hacked, so it's something everyone needs to take into consideration. Sorry EddyD, I have no sympathy for your email issues. I do feel bad for those having problems with their credit card information.

I_find_it_funny2789d ago

I use ~20 different password, and they are easy to remember. It's a little system about how to have different passwords and remember them I read about ti somewhere, it's really effective.

xAlmostPro2789d ago

@EddyD People like you boggle my mind seriously.

How is sony being hacked mean they have "piss poor security" ? The whole point of a hack is to bypass security and access what you're not supposed to.

I'm really getting fed up with articles like this acting like everyones details WERE accessed when only aroun 3 people have mentioned cards being used.. although those 3 only mentioned it after the announcement because of course hackers who have people's details would wait for sony to announce such thing before emptying somebodies account lol.

Fact is sony could have had "better" security, that doesn't mean they are at fault because a raging group of nerds decided to attack them and the networks they own. If the government can be hacked, if mastercard can be hacked then sony can be hacked.

Your gmail could be hacked if google was attacked. The problem is you don't know when hackers are going to strike, and like i said the whole point of hacking is to bypass security, even if sony had used better methods if somebody really wanted to they would still have found a way. Stop being so narrowminded.

Fancy buying some of this common sense i so proudly own?.

the_best_player2789d ago

@poor security

no if the hacker is pro they can get into anything.
this only just happened for PS3, it happened for 2 weeks for 360 users when halo 3 can out....

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Temporary_Name2789d ago

Yeah, it's not Sony's fault at all. The guy should apologize for using the same password!!!


user8586212789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

yh it makes sense to memorize 100 different passwords for different accounts


@Sikbeta and Baka yh and then when you reinstall windows for whatever reason.... that nice feature goes away.....

Baka-akaB2789d ago

yeah , suddenly people dont know how to store passwords in say ... firefox .

sorceror1712789d ago

You don't need to memorize 100 different passwords. For the critical stuff like email addresses - which are used to validate other things - you use different (and strong) passwords.

Accounts that can access money get different passwords, too.

Forums and stuff you don't care about can have a common password.

Plus, on my phone I have a 'password wallet'. I remember one strong password, and it encrypts and stored all the other ones.

TOSgamer2789d ago

@ Baka-akaB

Yeah, suddenly everyone uses the same computer to log into everything all the time...

sikbeta2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

hey guys, guess what? whenever you enter a password in some site, browsers like FF and Chrome ask you if you want to SAVE that password... pretty crazy I know, but it has been like that for years... :P


Ugh, dude, go to preferences, security, pass, let you every password you have and take screenshot of it and save it in a pendrive


For PSN I use an alternate e-mail account in Yahoo, it has nothing more than the stuff Sony sends to every e-mail, wow, I'm ahead of everything XD ... now seriously, people go change your password, if you want to use one for everything, make sure the pass has at least 8 characters and use letters and numbers...

Baka-akaB2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


And suddenly people dont have access to sync features and other progs ?

I guess it really answer the question about those fancy smartphone users actually needing one or just playing angry birds on it :p


dear lord ... backups are for who ? lemmings ?
You've got physical ones AND online ones .

I know it might sounds tedious , but once you are set , it's one thing less to worry about .

Hell some people even prefer the good old paper or printer

iamnsuperman2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

This really shows the people stupid enough to use the same password for important things. I have common passwords for forums and my important details (password and log in details) are in my important file in my draw which uses more complex different passwords. I have some common sense that if one email/PSN/bank is hacked then my others could be to because if I use the same password. Online data is never safe. Sony had a breach of security which is bad and Sony need to sort it out but this moron used the same password for his log in details and his email password. Its people like him which makes cyber crime so easy.

mrv3212789d ago

I still don't see how they stole his password, it is a remarkable coincidence I'd admit that, but I haven't seen millions of other articles.

Now, my understanding of passwords aren't great but it's not like you just enter your password and it goes to a server where it has a list of usernames and password next to one and another it's actually a hex code, recently they HACKED every single password... well the where able to locate and find common digits and letters in a couple passwords such as 'password'. Now he has hundreds of accounts on various websites.

Has anyone ever wondered why their password is never hacked via the server side but rather the user side? Because it's a MILLION times easier. I doubt it was PSN that lead to this hack. I mean c'mon.

1. IF the hackers go his password, why is it only his account we are hearing about?
2. If Sony used 256 bit encryption on important files ( I use 3x 256 encryption at home to give you a idea ) it'd take a hacked 50,955,671,114,250,100,000,000 ,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 0,000,000 years to get into the files.
3. Sony doesn't use the wbestandard password protection, which they do.

Seriously, will EVERYONE ignore basic internet facts and accept a users one article.

guigsy2789d ago

Unless no one else uses your computer you need to remember your passwords.

Pekka2789d ago

@Baka-akaB: I trust browser even less than any place I log in. I never store passwords on firefox or any other browser, I type them every time. Heck, I sometimes clear all information when I quit browsing. All browsers have a lot of security flaws so storing passwords on browser has very high risk.

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JsonHenry2789d ago

I'm pissed because my yahoo account was hacked due to the same reason. (which resulted in them being able to create a dummy WoW account under my account) I'm not pissed at sony though. The blame lays solely on the bastards that are doing the hacking.

I too had to do the phone verification thing this morning to get it all squared away and back to normal. At least my credit card was being declined by my card issuer due to suspicious activity and I don't have to do anything else but wait for my new cards to come in the mail.

hoops2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Yes blame him for his account being hacked due to poor security protocols by Sony.

cyborg69712789d ago

I font get it why wouldanyone hack that when a smart person would have just drained your cc or bank account.
Fish for hits much. I call bullshit on this. And by the look of it the others who are doing the same are getting disagreed with. Other than assuming this has anything to do with psn where is your proof?

ZeroX98762789d ago

Using the same password EXACT password is not smart, I agree with you, but having multiple different password for every account you have, it's almost impossible. One of my trick is having the same password , BUT putting letters and numbers that are related to what I registered to.
Example: on N4G, if my pass was like "Sony32" I would put "SonyN4G32" or "N4GSony32" or mixed it in the middle "SonyN4G32".

I know it's not the saffest way to do it, but it's a start.

But We can say whatever we want, Sony failed BIG time. I always been a big supporter of sony's product, even before the playstation. I've been buying sony tvs and headphones since a LONG TIME (still have my walkman!!) and I can tell you that I can't defend their lack of security on this matter.

360 fanboys can't say that microsoft are perfect, because maybe in the console departement their not bad, but in the windows OS side, they got some really crazy stuff going on there. But were still using windows on a daily basis and Microsoft are trying their best to secure their OS, so is Sony with PSN.

Sony's lack of experience with online service is probably one problem taht lead to this one and since microsoft are on their 2nd console offering dedicated online service, their more experienced.

All this Geohotz and Anonymous event didn,t help the cause. Sony did some right things on that case, but some were pretty harsh too and Hackers answered back with force. Now Sony is facing breach of trust of many of their consumers and nothing can repair what those hackers has done on this trust.

I hope Sony gets back up and launch the PSN back better than ever, with no overload when COD map pack are out and no more DDoS attack possible. Sony's mentionned cross game chat as a possibility on the new PSN servers. Make it happen! that's one way to repay the consumers. Maybe we don't pay monthly for online service, but if paying 60 $ a year is what it takes to have great online service and security on your personnal info, then so be it!

Megaton2789d ago

It is idiotic to use the same passwords for all your logins these days. I've got unique passwords for pretty much everything. If the Gawker incident didn't teach you this, maybe you'll learn this time.

Jezuz2789d ago

That's not stupid. Some people can't remember all their passwords so they have a universal password cause they're too lazy to write it down.

egidem2789d ago


You cannot call him an idiot for doing this. There are some things that you are not considering: when Sony found out that personal data belonging to the users could have been breached, they didn't immediately alert the public. I believe they did this in to further investigate this situation and avoid causing a huge panic that could have turned out wrong...and that would have been bad.

On the other hand, some people did get hacked, so Sony could have and should have alerted the public the moment they learned of this information.

Now, on the password issue, people might prefer to have the same password of the same account being shared by another service because it is easier to remember; so in this case, PSN and Gmail. It is not his fault that his Gmail account got hacked this way. He trusted that this information would be safe and secure with Sony. Unfortunately this did not go according to plan.

What if it were you? How would you know? Remember, Sony took down PSN AFTER learning about the data breach and intrusion. During this time when people had no idea what was going on, a hacker could have hacked your email address without you knowing.

iamnsuperman2789d ago

you can blame him and sony for his gmail being hacked If you use your email address for the PSN make sure it has a different password. He is complaining about his gmail being hacked but it is his fault to for being so naive to use the same password. It is internet protection 101. DO not use the same password for important things because any co-operation can get hacked. Internet security is never 100% safe

frostypants2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Sony at least has an excuse: they were a victim of hacking. This guy didn't even do the simplest thing imaginable to defend himself. Using the same password for everything defeats most of the purpose.

This would be like running into traffic without looking both ways and getting hit by a car, then blaming the city for having a broken stoplight...

Leio2789d ago

Passwords are like underwear change them often

Solidus187-SCMilk2789d ago

its funny to see the sony apologists pretending like its your fault. Same passwords or different ones, it wouldnt have happened if Sony hadnt failed in the security department.

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redd0r2789d ago

Just changed mine, I use the same password on quite a few different places but you know, all of which are massive corporations that you should be able to fucking trust.

ComboBreaker2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

That's what you get for using the same password for everything.

Yes, I already changed mine.
No, my Gmail didn't get hacked.

EddyD2789d ago

Again like I said I use about 5 different ones, just so happened these 2 were the same.

frostypants2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Why would you link one online account with one password to another online account with the SAME password?

I mean really, c'mon dude...common sense. Stuff gets hacked. At the very best, this is 50% your fault.

Ask yourself this: why do you have 5 different passwords that you use? Answer: because you KNEW this could happen. You know better.

Why do you think Google and Sony are above hacking? Major corporations with tons of money for security get hacked all the time.

EDIT: And you still have no proof that this is remotely related to Sony. Why would someone who stole millions of records of personal data mess around doing childish spam attacks?

guigsy2789d ago

So the hackers aren't to blame for exposing your information, Sony isn't to blame for their frail security setup, it's the user's fault for using a password twice.

aks1002789d ago

That sucks. The moment I heard this happened i changed any passwords that were shared with PSN....hope you got it sorted

Naiboss2789d ago

It's not just the passwords you need to worry about either... if you've used the same security questions it may cause problems.

How many sites use your Mother's maiden name for example?!