A Case for Video Game Remakes

Video game producer Morgan Gray believes the video game industry needs more remakes.

And he's not just saying that so people will buy the Wii version of "Tomb Raider: Anniversary," the decade-later remake of the first Lara Croft adventure, set for release next month.

"Remakes are essential," he told GameFile in an interview at a hotel-suite demo last week in Manhattan, while other reporters swung their hands through the Wii version of "Anniversary."


More from the world of video games:

Earlier this spring, Rockstar Games' "Manhunt 2" was denied a rating in the U.K. by the British Board of Film Classification and issued an "Adults Only" mark by the U.S.'s Entertainment Software Ratings Board, a rating that Sony and Nintendo won't permit for a game made for their systems. Over the summer, Rockstar Games modified the game and resubmitted it to the ratings groups. The ESRB has given the new version an M, and the game is set to come out on Halloween. But this week, the BBFC again denied the game a rating.

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Twizlex4049d ago

Manhunt 2 got re-banned after being approved? That's dumb...

Wii60PS3DSPSP4049d ago

I'd like remakes of old super nintendo/genesis games myself. Maybe add HD sprites or something like that.

Rooftrellen4049d ago

For every reason for remakes, I can give reasons against them.

I know I have heard many PS3 owners complain about rehashes, and that's what a remake is. I must say I would rather see a new game than a remake of an old one any day.

Most of why we want some games remade is because we remember them as being so fun. Sadly, when we get to replay those old games, they don't always seem as fun anymore, and that can hurt an old game.

However, if the old game really was fun, play it! We don't need remakes because the original already around.

Developers could be spending their time on a great new experiance rather than a remake of a game everyone has already played (you'll never see a remake of an unpopular game).

It quickly turns into milking a franchise. How many people hate Madden because they change a few names and stats and sell it as a new game every year? People don't like milked franchises, and remakes are a good way to show you are milking it and turn people against it.

Remakes are bad for everyone, with very few exceptions.