Why some of the colossi in Shadow of the Colossus were cut

One of the members from Team ICO Gamers posts a scan of a French magazine in which Fumito Ueda explains why they had to discard some of the colossi.

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Shadow Flare4075d ago


And to the person who reported this artcle with the following:

"Bad Editing: (2 minutes ago)
Title (colossi) wtf is that?spell the whole name out
Reported by: s8anicslayer"

Collosi IS what you call a single colossus. It even uses the word Collosi in the game to denote a single colossus

alexrowetos4075d ago

Err... no colossi is plural of colossus.

Anyways, the title is grammatically correct since the article talks about 3 colossi and not one colossus.

lodossrage4075d ago

alexrowetos is right, colossi IS the plural of colossus.

But getting back on topic, some of those colossi are SWEET. And it's a dang shame they didnt make it in. Especially that phoenix colossus.

This game REALLY deserves a sequel (even though storywise it's impossible given the game's ending).

At least a ps3 remake with ALL the colossi would be nice too though

Shadow Flare4074d ago

*stares hard*

actually that makes more sense, collosi being more then one collosus. Yeah. But it's still a cool article

gamesblow4074d ago

The Spider one has me buggin'... I'm terrified of it. I wanna see it in motion now :-(

Fighter4074d ago

Yeah, that Spider level would have been so cool. I'm just imagining an eerie music score for that level.

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The story is too old to be commented.