Nintendo dropping support for the NES at the end of the month

According to ITmedia, Nintendo of Japan is to cease hardware support for the NES as of October 31st. The respective report indicates that Nintendo are finding it increasingly difficult to find the required parts for repairs to the system. The SNES, N64, Gameboy and Gameboy Pocket Lines are also victim to this neglection although Nintendo remind us all that there is plenty of retro fun to be had on the Wii's virtual console if you need to capture some of those nostalgic moments.

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Zhuk4074d ago

I remember how faulty the cartridge slots were in the older NES's could be a bastard to get the thing to play games! always wanted that top loading nes

Biphter4073d ago

I remember blowing them edge connectors till I was blue in the face. Good old days! hehehhe! I later found that rubbing isoprophyl Alcohol on the edge connectors with a cotton bud worked a treat, the NES was just ruddy sensitive to the slightest bit of muck on the carts edge conn.

The NES is a legend, im amazed Nintendo have supported it this long!

Canidae4074d ago

Old friend you will be missed. A shame that they stopped support for the console, but it had to happen sooner or later.

bym051d4074d ago

So, Nintendo dropped support for the NES *after* MS dropped support for the original XBOX?

fredy4074d ago

what is your point?bym051d

they both are kicking sony's @ss as of right now, what about that?

did Sony drop support for Ps1?

R.I.P nes

bym051d4074d ago

My point is that Nintendo supports their stuff longer than Microsoft does. Nintendo is much more customer oriented. The comment was regarding MS's lack of customer support with the way they abandoned the XBOX software and hardware as soon as the 360 was introduced.

And yes, I believe there is still support for PS1.

What's your point about them kicking Sony's ass? I have more than 1 console.

Panthers4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Fredy, what in the hell does any of this have to do with sony you stupid fanboy... And M$ ended support for the Xbox in a much shorter time frame than Sony did with the PS1. I am sure the 360 will last longer, but get a life dude.

Bym, he is just amazed and outraged that you compared Nintendo to M$. They are supposed to be friends in the fight against Sony. Basically he is an idiot fanboy.

ItsDubC4074d ago

Anyone who owned a NES can truly appreciate how far gaming has come. I still remember the satisfaction I got from getting a game to work by blowing into the cartridge or seating it as close to the front of the system on the inside as possible.

X4074d ago

The first step to beating the game was getting past the blinking blue screen. Ah memories.

gololo4074d ago

countless hours trying to get Super Mario 3 to work....the nostalgia

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The story is too old to be commented.