HL2 Episode Two: PC vs. 360 movies

In the red corner, weighing in at one heavy Steam download, Half-Life 2: Episode Two on PC. In the blue corner, weighing in at a bit of a DVD, Half-Life 2: Episode Two on Xbox 360.

It's time for a visual face-off between the two FPS giants as CVG present you with videos - which they've poured sweat, blood and tears into - stacking both side by side for comparison.

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InMyOpinion4076d ago

PC looks better. More details.

JsonHenry4076d ago

The thing I wish they included was the PC version running at a higher resolution. The testing was done so that the PC version was running close to the much lower X360 resolution.

The good news is the game looks great even after 3 1/2 years- even on a console. And the fun factor is still crazy high.

beaner714814076d ago

think that your xbox 360 can compare in any way to a gaming pc. The technology of any up to date gaming computer is far beyond that of is a gaming console not a computer, if you want a computer shell out the $4,000 for a real gaming machine.

Silver Bull3t4076d ago

...The fanboys in his head.

bym051d4076d ago

The 360 winning wouldn't have surprised me unless they did some serious updating to the engine for the PC. The PC engine has been out for quite a while.

They could've done plenty to make it more visually appealing on the 360 port.

beaner714814076d ago

its just why do you need to compare the video in a recorded comparison--the only reason to have the recording is to COMPARE the two graphically and everyone knows that the pc is and always will be the superior graphical processing unit.

sjappie4076d ago

someone that owns a 360 and compares it with an PC, thinks his 360 is a computer, and doesn't want to shell out $4000 for a "real" gaming machine.
I'll stick with the "in-head fanboy" explanation, since no one here was saying any of the above.

Jinxstar4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

No it cant but it all depends on how you want to play it. Take UT3 for example. I have a PC that can run it and it will probably look a little better on PC them PS3. I however want to play on a 56" Screen with full surround and can still us mouse and keyboard so guess what . PS3 it is. Crysis ima have to suffer playing on my 32" monitor though. Maybe HL2 fans make a similar choice. Play on your couch, on big damn TV. or play in chair with headphones on while using a smaller monitor.... Detail will be a little better on PC always but you know what. Its the level of comfort you have with it that counts.

@ Below.

I can agree with that. That set up however is mad expensive. Mine was expensive enough but props to you man.

The thing I love about this site is all the gamers are Hardcore. Even if they are playing on an old 13" tv they are still kick ass peeps.

beaner714814076d ago

My pc is connected to a 63" 720p hdtv and all of my games run on it with no problem, this is connected to my amp so i have my surround sound and the choice is mine wether i want to use my bluetooth keyboard and mouse or my wi-fi xbox360 controller for windows, on top of that there are bluetooth stereo headphones as well, so i believe my level of comfort is just as good if not better than console. The one thing to be said about consoles is that there is no big 40 minute install process.

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Ahmadinejad4076d ago

the 360 version looks much mroe atmospheric and movie like although the pc version seems much sharper but the added haze on 360 i think adds to the whole immersion of it. i am pretty sure to get the game running the same way as it is on 360 it will cost an extra £400-£500 which is frankly can be spent on games instead of geek orgaseming on a small amount of AA or a lil bit sharper textures.

when is the ps3 verison coming? hope valve didnt do waht they did to dreamcast to them

stingray91914076d ago

There is a setting in the options on the 360 version to set it to either computer monitor or tv screen and the computer monitor setting makes it slightly darker with richer colors just like the pc screens on games radar.

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