Behind the scenes of the Portal 2 ARG: Dejobaan Games interview (BeefJack)

BeefJack: "When we found out Dejobaan were one of the studios involved in putting together the concept behind the Potato Sack Augmented Reality Game held to promote Portal 2 (where Valve’s sociopathic supercomputer, GlaDOS, is trying to break out into the real world) that got our interest. When it became clear how much effort president Ichiro Lambe was putting in to keep his part of the game going – calling for help on Twitter as GlaDOS took over the studio, dramatising his ‘disappearance’ as rogue AIs sent by GlaDOS took him hostage, and then writing the whole thing up afterwards – we wanted to talk to him about it. So we put together an interview, and after we’d been trembling in anticipation for ever so long (note: it wasn’t actually that long) he kindly replied, agreeing."

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